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  1. And, at very nearly the same moment as this manufactured tempest in a teapot was going on, Obama was saying that he was likely going to take the advice of the Catfood Commission and seek to reduce corporate income taxes (of course, there was nothing said by the WSJ and others that theeffective tax rates on American corporations is very nearly the lowest in the world, next only to Iceland’s, nor is there any mention of the 2006 GAO study that showed from 1997-2005 that 60% of U.S. corporations paidno taxes at all in that period and that some actually made money from the Treasury via subsidies and tax credits.
    This is way, way beyond working the refs. This is part of a long-term plan, begun thirty years ago, to use the ordinary taxpayer to subsidize corporate profits. In the middle `50s, in the industrial heyday of the nation, corporations paid (depending upon the time period one chooses) from 28-34% of all Treasury revenues, the Fortune 400 were responsible for 22% of all jobs in the country, the country was a net exporter and the go-to creditor for the world. As of 2006, even though business activity more than doubled just from 1980-2006, corporations were responsible for less than 8% of Treasury revenues, the Fortune 400 were responsible for just 7% of jobs, and the country has been a net importer and a debtor nation since roughly 1983, and the expectations are that, by now, corporations’ share of federal revenues is less 6%.
    This business of coddling the wealthy, both corporate and individual, will be the death of this country. Maybe we shouldn’t worry about global warming. We won’t last long enough to see the worst of its effects…

  2. On a totally trivial note, I am a bad person for laughing hysterically every time that Lindsey baby jumps into the frame and yells, “Milkawhaa?”

  3. From your HuffPo link:
    “Should I begin by assuaging their fears? Becauseif we define “pro-business” as “a policy that would allow investments to be made in an actual physical business, spurring economic growth and jobs development,” and not “policies that allow Wall Street to return to a regime of creating non-productive casino games based upon the amount of moneydust that can be leveraged from rubbing two ten-dollar bills together to create an ornate daisy-chain of swaps,” then we are never going to issue a discouraging word!”
    YES. THIS … must be repeated, often. The definition of “pro-business” has never been articulated. We just have the usual talking bobbleheads spouting the same words and no one ever stops to ask what the fuck “pro-business” really means.
    Also, I have to say I have ALWAYS hated those fucking talking baby ads. HATE THEM with a passion. Like, a visceral reaction. Because every time I see one of them I want to scream: THIS IS WHY WE ARE IN THIS ECONOMIC MESS TO BEGIN WITH! People think playing in the Wall Street casino is a fucking game. We don’t take this shit seriously.

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