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Our First Lady is awesome:

Austin Futch, 10, from Memphis, Tennessee, said he quizzed the first lady about a few things on his mind concerning life in the White House.

He wanted to know how it felt to be surrounded at all times bySecret Service agents — not too bad because they are nice guys — and if it was hard being married to the president.

“No, he’s a pretty good guy,”Michelle Obama told him, according to a transcript of the calls released by the White House.

“I mean, it’s a tough job and sometimes you want to do everything you can to help him, but it’s pretty easy being married to him. He’s kind of funny — fun to hang out with.”

Even in the moments when I’ve wanted to chuck her husband, I hoped we could keep Michelle. What’s it like being married to the president? “Eh, he doesn’t suck.”


3 thoughts on “Happy Michelle Obama Photo

  1. As disappointed as I am with Obama, I’m still pleased that he and his family are in the White House. The change from the Bush’s is so striking it’s unbelievable. Michelle is a breath of fresh air, the two girls are delightful and age appropriate, and Obama, himself, has lots of very attractive personal qualities. But, why or why can’t he see through the Repubs and be the President he is capable of being???

  2. …speaking as a husband of many years experience, I can only hope to ask – whether I am the POTUS or a worn-down balding wildlands management specialist with no special redeeming qualities – that my lovely bride of almost 30 years would at least be able to say “Eh, he doesn’t suck.” That, on balance, is probably good enough for me…

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