Plans For The Year Ahead

AK-47 is the tool. Don’t make me act a motherfuckin’ fool.

I have some advice for all good liberals in the upcoming year. If you don’t already, buy and learn how to use a weapon.


I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of all the right-wing maniacs being well-armed and our side being outgunned. Those people are scared of everything–let’s give them a real reason.

You may not have noticed, but the big money party just won some big victories, and they are going to do everything they can to fuck over anyone who’s not already rich. It’s just what they do. Public employees, unions in general, the very idea of the commons, and everything else they hate are coming under attack soon.

So arm yourselves.

Every time there has been decent progress in this country, there has been the threat of left-wing violence to help it along.That’s why the progress was made. Do you think for one second that white folks would’ve listened to MLK if this motherfucker hadn’t been standing just off-stage?

I have a dream too, motherfuckers.

Fuck no. Right now, there’s no radical left of significance. That means that the asshole right-wingers can claim that, say, health care reform, which shovels extra billions of dollars into the coffers of private insurers, is a radical communist plot. It’s a stupid statement, but there’s nothing really radical out there And don’t tell me that a public option is radical–it’s not. Dragging insurers into the streets and trying them before workers’ tribunals is radical. A public option is barely moderate.

I know a lot of people have been disappointed that Obama hasn’t done everything they want. Of course he hasn’t. His agenda, while not truly radical, does try to alter the status quo. And that’s never easy. The people in charge NEVER want anything to change (unless it’s to make them richer), because they’re selfish, greedy cocksuckers who’d sell out their own mothers for another nickel. It was never gonna be easy getting anything from them. Did you think they’d look at election night margins and have epiphanies? Fuck no. They dug in their heels and prepared to repel any thought of an attempt that they should have to pay to maintain the society that has rewarded them so lavishly.

Aux armes, citoyens.

15 thoughts on “Plans For The Year Ahead

  1. Part of me agrees wholeheartedly with you, Jude, especially since a left that wouldn’t back down would scare the hell out of idiot bullying wingers…
    But…part of me wonders if squaring off against the wingnuts is just more sideshow–they’re really more useful idiot/storm trooper types.
    IMHO the problem is the entrenched establishment, who win regardless of who gets elected. And they’ve got all sorts of advanced death and destruction. Predator drones are the least of it…anti-riot foam sprays knock you off your feet, ear-splitting noise machines that make fire alarms sound sweet in comparison…and one I saw recently on the History Channel was a sort of microwave ray that makes you feel like you’re burning.
    And that’s just the stuff they let us see.
    While I’d never argue against firearm proficiency — don’t own a gun myself, but I’m a big Second Amendment supporter, and know a lot of gun owners — I do wonder how effective firearms alone would be against a modern police or military.

  2. I’ve found that just getting right up into a wingnut’s grill is effective. I give them the very accurate vibe: I am a fucking liberal and I will fuck you up if you insist.
    Nine out of 10 winger’s talk tough like their action-movie heros, but they waddle off from a fight like Jonah Goldberg chasing after an ice cream truck. Odds are that the 1 in 10 willing to throw down is either a Wall Street/Frat boy wuss or a chick.
    And, sometimes you get your ass kicked by the rare wingnut badass. Meh. It’s worth it.

  3. That’s one mean looking weapon in the first photo. Where does the arrow go? Does it take two people to hang on to all of the handles on it?

  4. Ask the Vietnamese how effective firearms alone are against a modern police or military. Or the Iraqis. Or anyone in Afghanistan.
    All things being equal, a guerrilla force gets its ass handed to it by a well-trained unit. But there’s a difference between tactical defeat and strategic victory. And every fracas don’t have to be a victory to get the strategic outcome desired.
    Think about all the times that the labor movement’s strikes ended with Pinkertons and cops and the US fucking Army beating and shooting people who just wanted, say, to work without the mines collapsing on them. Eventually (though the outcome was far from perfect), the labor movement did okay.
    Then Ronald Cocksucking Reagan came along, and we’re pretty much back to square one. But if you don’t fight, you might as well lay down and die.

  5. Jude,
    You make an excellent point, as does MichaelF. I don’t expect things to get any rosier over the next year or two and I suspect that reality will lead others to see that riding the fence accomplishes nothing.

  6. I thought about the Vietnamese, the Afghans, and the Iraqis before submitting my comment. One thing heavily in their favor was that the US forces were foreign occupiers.
    That said, a lot of Iraqis, Afghans, and Vietnamese wound up very dead. They had — or have– to accept that their lives were/are cheap.
    Maybe there are ways to avoid that sort of bloody calculus, especially given that at least some lip service is occasionally paid to “rule of law” or other formerly sacred, now unfortunately quaint, notions.
    Giving away my commie pinko socialist roots here, I vaguely remember Saul Alinsky emphasizing that you go with what works — if I recall, he mentioned something about how Gandhi’s non-violence campaign was suited for India, but if he’d been in Indochina, the French would’ve likely as not just shot him, and declared Mission Accomplished.
    I’d like to think there’s still a chance to influence US public policy short of violent threats or actual violence…particularly given that the last time there was a war, it turned out pretty ugly…for both sides. Yes, the North won — thank heavens — but with casualties greater than all our other wars combined (and a much smaller population at the time) winning was less cause for celebration and more cause for relief, as President Lincoln so eloquently stated in his Second Inauguration.

  7. amen brothers and sisters – I dare any right wingnut to come see me in Baltimore – I got a industrial size can of whup ass for ya!

  8. @ big wes: hello there, fellow Mobtowner! Off topic, but do you actually live in the city? If so, are you aware of 25th Street Station (, the Walmart- and Lowe’s-anchored mixed-use development planned for 25th & Howard that recently got approval from the council. Bmore Local ( is still fighting the project. If you want to lend a hand, shoot me an e-mail at

  9. don’t just buy a weapon.
    become familiar with all the weapons available to you, and fluent in their proper use. A ’47 is a big ugly scary lookin’ thing … but you can be just as effective with other things.
    Seriously. A ’47 is worthless for many of the uses you’ll want a firearm for: hunting, home defense, training … ’cause it eats too damn much ammo and costs too damn much to keep clean and fed.
    Get yourself a shotgun, and learn to use that. Get yourself a good bow (or crossbow if you’re young and fit and badass enough) and learn to use that (it’s quiet and you can reuse the rounds a lot more times and it doesn’t leave a cordite stink or a gunsmoke trail to betray you). Get yourself a good self-defense course — I don’t care whether you study tai chi, chuk kun do, or the famous martial art of baseball bat (yeah, I’ve got a black belt in that one) — or boxing, or muay thai, or learn to use a slingshot and throw a kitchen knife. Just don’t be surprised when you need the skills one day.
    Broke, are ya? a dress sock and an unopened can of soda makes a damn nice blackjack (variation on the theme? an old sock and a double handful of gravel) … I’m just sayin’.
    We’ve got to stop thinking like, talking like, standing around like, we’re helpless. We’re not helpless. We’re resourceful people with good ideas and more importantly a real interest in preserving the Constitution and the common good, all of which are anathema to the hell-bent-for-leather big-money forces currently running our politics.
    Inviting ’em to underestimate us only works if we’re able to act on our convictions effectively.

  10. Urban liberals have pissed me off by actually saying, “What kind of liberal are you if you believe in the right of gun ownership? That’s barbaric.”
    And then there are the chicken-fried conservatives who live around me: “If you are for the right to bear arms, you’re no liberal.”
    How about the kind that can feed and protect myself if I have to but doesn’t go around shooting people and animals for fun and profit?

  11. I’m trying to imagine the scene.
    A guy walks into a gun show and starts to buy a He-Man firearm (something Rambo would use). He tells the vendor that he needs it because he’s a liberal and needs to protect himself from conservatives.
    Wonder what the fallout would be (and as I’m expecting things to go nuclear, “fallout” is a good word to use).

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