And Simpson’s Supposedly a “Sane” Republiclown?



I remember when Alan was generally considered more than a little touched…but the Rethugs have gone so far over the edge he’s been relative scaled into sanity…that’s quite the relative scale.

6 thoughts on “And Simpson’s Supposedly a “Sane” Republiclown?

  1. I get the point that the statement was old man yelling at clouds. But the stats don’t add up in the link.
    In the old man’s tirade, it isn’t like 310 million as the entire US population isn’t drawing SS. I’m paying FICA now. Perhaps one day it will be my cow.
    But the stats in the explanation don’t add. If SS is the majority income for 2/3 and is the almost sole income for 1/3 then no one gets the majority of retirement income from other sources.
    I do underline though, that if SS is the almost sole income of 1/3 of retirees, then we have an awful good reason to keep it as a safety net.

  2. Very little of the debate, at least as conducted by the “serious” people, seems to make much sense…unless the motive is to destroy Social Security. To that end, they’ve managed to convince a LOT of people (especially in/around my age group — I’m 45) that the program is doomed, even though it isn’t.
    Simpsonet al base their assumptions on this conventional wisdom…Alan in particular seems to go into full hissy fit when challenged by facts. Which doesn’t surprise me all that much: I’m old enough to recall when Simpson was more Louie Gohmert and less elder statesman. The fact that he IS considered an elder statesman is deeply troubling…

  3. I’ll never forget the Cokie Roberts smackdown in ’88 or ’89. Back when Hale Boggs daughter was sane and progressive. Alan made some smartass comment on ABC and Cokie just tore the goofy idiot a new one on national television. Great memories.

  4. Don’t let `em fool ya. Simpson was always an asshole, even though his volume wasn’t set quite as high as many on the right today.
    These guys have had the goal of dismantling the New Deal ever since the `30s. The effort began almost immediately after the death of Roosevelt, first with the Taft-Hartley Act, then with the 22nd Amendment (so no one could be in office long enough to upset their apple cart and make it stick), and they’ve been taking potshots at the rest of it at every opportunity, or simply ignoring oversight and enforcement when they’ve been in power. Simpson is just part of that determined Repug tradition to get us back to the days of the Gilded Age when the poor knew their place and kept their mouths shut.
    There’s this tendency to dismiss him as an irascible old coot (hell, this bozo was an irascible old coot when he was in diapers), but, he’s also a fixture of that tradition mentioned above. His intentions are not honorable, and his methods are underhanded, and always have been. There’s no reason at all to think this general grumpiness is all there is to him. He is, first and foremost, a prick, and he’s been on the front lines of the class war most of his life, fighting for the wrong side.

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