Life w/parrot: repeat as necessary

The Green One learned a new sound this week. From Saturday morning through today, it’s been in high rotation. At high decibel levels. He’s quite pleased with it, I can tell. My guess is he got it from television; he has quite the variety of SFX-type sounds, including the laser sound heard at 00:15 seconds in. This is why I”ll likely be stone deaf in my old age.

11 thoughts on “Life w/parrot: repeat as necessary

  1. What an unearthly sound. Very cool.
    We cover the waterfront here at First Draft: from ferret blogging to parrot blogging.

  2. pansy, he does imitate cellphone ringtones too, if he happens to like them. Parrots learn quickly to imitate things that humans respond too, hence they almost all imitate cellphones and microwave beeps because they see people go to them as soon as the noise begins, and they expect the same response

  3. I still recall the PBS Nature series w/David Attenborough observing the birds of paradise…and one of the birds PERFECTLY mimicked the SLR camera’s click and whirr…and car alarms and all manner of non-lush-jungle noises. It was amazing…

  4. Sounds like a cell phone ring or alarm of some kind. How weird.
    So how long do parrots live? Are they like some of these tropical birds which you have to bequeath to someone? I just learned that koi can live up to 200 years. We have … well, a whole freaking pond full of them. Don’t know what we’ll do when we get old.

  5. SB, they live a long time. Lifespan for this species is typically 30-40 years. If I continue to take good care of him, he will most likely outlive me. However, there are a lot of hazards that can kill birds in almost any home, particularly related to respiration. Teflon, new carpet, any new item that offgasses fumes, air fresheners.
    And yes, it is recommended that you have arrangements in place for your pet’s next caretaker, and that you have discussed that choice with the person.
    Not a pet to take on casually.
    When people ask me if they should get a parrot, I usually tell them no, they should not do so without first researching them for at least six months, learning about the different species, spending a lot of time with them in various situations, talking to at least a couple of people who live with them, and finding out who the reputable breeders (never buy a bird from a pet shop or big box store) are in their area. If people think that’s too much work, they are most definitely NOT someone to take care of an avian.

  6. Elspeth, I remember that episode, and the bird you’re thinking of is a Superb Lyrebird. He could do not only an SLR shutter, but also an SLR with a motor drive, not to mention a chainsaw, car alarms, and all kinds of other noises. Makes our Northern Mockingbirds seem sort of tame, eh?

  7. My ex’s African Grey used to imitate my ex’s father’s throat-clearing mucus-hocking sound, which had the distinct disadvantage of being not only loud butseriously gross to boot. Compared to that, a pretty little twitter (even if it is loud) seems pretty tame. After all, once you’ve been awakened by a parrot making the sound of an old man hacking phlegm out of his throat, something like “KKKHHHHHHHHHRRRHHHAAAAAAAAAACCCCHHHHKKKKHHH!!!”, you will never, ever forget it.

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