I’ll Be Howling In The Wires…

…and reading one of my pieces at the book launch tomorrow. Here’s the one I plan to read. It’s pretty good for a baby blogger if I do say so myself. It’s dated 1/15/06:

Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him…

…is the title of a 1968 LP by those wacky funstersFiresign Theatre
who were kinda sorta the Yank version of Monty Python. I devoted part
of my misspent adolescence listening to their records. (For the young
uns reading this: A record is a black thing made of vinyl that is played
with a needle. Ouch.) Now, you’re probably asking yourself what the
hell Firesign Theatre has to do with my post-K blog. Not a whole helluva
lot but the title is an appropriate one to…um…appropriate and
apply to the FEMA trailer issue here in Debrisville circa 2006. The
front page of yesterday’s local rag had another story about <drum
roll>finger pointingon
the trailer issue. Mayor C Ray blames FEMA; FEMA blames Entergy;
Entergy blames City Hall, the contractors hired by FEMA and Yoko Ono
who, in turn, blames Paul McCartney. To paraphrase the late Senator from
Louisiana, Russell Long, “Don’t blame you, don’t blame me, blame that
fella behind the tree.” Senator Son of Huey was talking about taxes
instead of the blame game but I think you catch my drift.

process to get a trailer, or a flooded house for that matter, energized
is a cumbersome one. It has 3-steps: A licensed electrician and, then, a
city inspector must approve the work *before* Entergy sends a crew out
to energize the trailer/house whatever. And to slow things down even
more, at times the city has had as few as 2 electrical inspectors on the
job post-K. Chief Nagin Clone Greg Meffert has said for weeks that he
was considering cutting out step-2 (the city inspection) but he still
has not done so. Once again, C Ray and his krewe of clones are making a
problem worse by talking instead of acting. They not only need to wake
up and smell the coffee, they need to drink some and pronto. C Ray and
his krewe of clones seem determined to live up (down?) to another
Firesign Theatre album title, “I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus.”

6 thoughts on “I’ll Be Howling In The Wires…

  1. Your un-energized trailer will be guaranteed, both by the Department of Redundancy Department, and the Natural Guard. Remember, truss rippers will be persecuted! So don’t leave! And don’t panic! Don’t… TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES! Jobs is on the way. Thank you.

  2. Good luck with the reading. Consider me jealous. The books I write are text books. No one wants to read them, let alone take time out of their lives to sit in a book store and listen to me read from them.
    “Now, a section on the inverted pyramid…” Try that in a James Earl Jones voice. It still sucks.

  3. My license plate holder is from Spoilsport Motors. “Head in Any Direction on the Freeway of Your Choice.”
    I first heard Firesign Theater in the Army. It was “How Can You Be In Two Places at Once…” and I listened to that record, over and over in multiple states of consciousness.
    Years later I wrote a radio campaign with lots of voices and music stings and faux drama. One of the guys I used was Phil Proctor (along with June Furay, the voice of Rocket J. Squirrel). We recorded 15 or so spots, the biggest production I’d ever done. During the recording, I said to Phil, “You guys were a major influence on my writing.”
    He said, “I can tell.”
    I considered that a compliment.
    “Shoes for Industry! Shoes for the Dead! Hi…”

  4. Thanks, guys.
    Love the Proctor story, David. At one point in my life, I was obsessed with the Giant Rat Of Sumatra. Guess I loved it because I’m a Holmes and a comedy fan.

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