Mad Men Thread: When Clio Met Emmy


Damn, that was a boozy episode. I feel like I have the delirium tremens after watching it twice. Don Draper won a Clio award, went on an epic bender and blacked out for an entire weekend. And Duck Philips showed up as drunk as another kind of critter, a skunk. The last time we saw that dog abandoning malaka, he was on the wagon.Why a duck? Or is that fuck a duck orducks on the wall?

I got a kick out of Matthew Weiner’s airing an episode built around Don’s Clio award on the night of the Emmy’s. I only hope the Mad Men staff are more gracious winners than Don who, pun intended, was dickish to all and sundry in this episode; especially to Peggy who deserved a share of the acclaim for the winning floor wax commercial. It seems as if Don dropped the name Dick in order to become one. Fuck you, Don.

Peggy, however, did have a triumph in this episode when she intimidated the pretentious hipster art director into working in the buff after all his talk about her hangups. I also enjoyed her calling Don on his drunken, cocky fuckups in dealing with the Life cereal people. What the fuck would Mikey say?

AndMad Men finally had a flashback that theSlate TV club and I liked: when Roger met Don. It’s what Stan Lee would surely call an origin story and it, of course, involved booze, furs, hucksterism and the divine Miss H. Speaking of booze, Roger got so shitfaced over pre-lunch martinis with Don that he didn’t remember whether or not he’d offered the dapper furrier a job. I think Don’s showing up was pure bluff and that there was no offer. Talk about cast iron balls, y’all.

Anyway, that was my brief summertime summary, discuss away but don’t be as mean as Hardy was to Laurel. Roger “hated that” even if he’s clearly more Ollie than Stan…


8 thoughts on “Mad Men Thread: When Clio Met Emmy

  1. What I found interesting was that the whole storyline of “accidentally” stealing an idea from a moronic writer you then have to hire was itself ripped off of a story on the very short-lived and probably-only-by-me-lamented TNT advertising drama “Trust Me.” Seriously, exact same story: Guy comes in with a shitty ad book, supposed genius steals the idea, then has to grovel to the shitty writer. I mean, either this happens constantly in the business and therefore it’s some kind of ad-firm cliché, or there’s like eleven-dimensional irony going on there.

  2. Interesting. I bet it’s all of the above. Then add too much booze and you have a lethal cocktail; don’t know what that means but it sounded good…

  3. So much going on in this one. What got me was Lane calling Roger a child. And watching how hard Peggy works. I was so glad when Peggy told him to, “fix it”. It was exactly what Don told Peggy to do when the PR stunt fight over hams went too far. The student becomes the teacher.
    I loves Joanie holding both their hands under the table. The art director is a dick and in our current world he would have to work much better with women who are his bosses.
    As sexy as Joanie was in the bedroom. I like her best in the office showing the world how it’s done

  4. I think that Lane, Pete and Peggy will be running SCDP by 1967 unless Don sobers up. Peggy, of course, won’t have Don’s title or salary but she’ll be the effective creative director at the rate Don is going downhill.

  5. Don’s only real “accomplishment” this season was…nothing, pulling a bluff on Ted Chaough.
    Am also wondering if his giving his real name to the woman he woke up with Sunday will come back to bite him…

  6. This was the first episode in a long time that I just couldn’t get into. Peggy’s latest foray into bohemia felt artificial and forced, and between that and Miss Blankenship (who probably should have been a one-episode character), it was all too broad.
    What wasn’t too broad was Jon Hamm’s acting, which was outstanding. Somehow he’s managed to move Draper slowly from a sophisticated guy with a cigarette in one hand and a cocktail in the other to the flip side of that picture: a drunk barely keeping it together, stinking of stale smoke and booze sweat.
    Overall, though, I barely remember what happened in the show this week, and I haven’t felt that way since the long dreary subplot last year involving Draper’s affair with the schoolteacher.

  7. Maybe it’s because you’re on vacation and hanging out in the Tenderloin, Kevin.;-)
    Seriously, I thought this was yet another excellent episode with good moments and that moved the meta-plot along nicely.

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