Mac McClelland’s Rising Tide 5 Keynote

If you have a bit of spare time to watch it, Mac’s keynote was both entertaining and informative. My favorite bit was when she called Governor PBJ “a fucking douchebag.” Mac definitely had her Mother Jones as well as her Mojo working or are they the same thing?

Mac was introduced by her Bloody Mary tech andNOLA blogger, Jeffrey Bostick:

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Rising Tide V: Keynote by Mother Jones reporter Mac McClelland (28 Aug 2010 NOLA) fromSophielab onVimeo.

2 thoughts on “Mac McClelland’s Rising Tide 5 Keynote

  1. Actually, believe it or not, I think mac got her bloody mary from Alli. But Mac should know anytime she’s in town her drinks are free if I’m around. She was the perfect picture of awesomeness. Brandishing a cocktail and calling the Gov a douchebag totally kept the RT brand out there.

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