5 thoughts on “Shorter Schieffer: Forget It, Jake, It’s The Internet

  1. “H/T Breitbart TV”
    Fuck fucking fuckity fuck.
    That’s one asshole calling another asshole shitty.
    It’s one thing for Scheiffert to miss the point so aggressively (Attention Bob: FOX News is not part of the Internet), but for the Mediaite to use Breitbart as a source is just stunning. Who’s done more lately to undermine the credibility of Internet sources than fucking Breitbart? Anybody?
    Jesus. It’s like watching the Bears play the Vikings. Why can’t they both lose?

  2. This is like blaming the Internet for the (now completely debunked) story that 76% of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico magically went *poof* a few weeks back.
    It began with a disingenuous mainstream media faux-interrogative (“Is the Gulf Oil Spill Not As Bad As We Thought?”), got reprinted online as “See — the Gulf oil spill isn’t as bad as the media told us!”, and then vanished into the veldt of Truthiness on cable TV, talk radio, and many blogs … where it STILL remains despite having been debunked.
    Substitute the headline “Why Do Some Believe Obama is a Muslim?”, follow the same media cycle, and you’ve got it.

  3. Uh, didn’t the supermarket papers have pictures of Nixon as a space alien? And didn’t some people believe it?
    Yep, those print newspapers are destroying us. When A was 4 years old, she was destroying journalism. Uh, yep.

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