7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Claire-Level

  1. When I get down on the floor, my little cats leap for joy. Onto me. They leap onto me for joy. Does Claire not leap onto you?

  2. Tata, Claire’s not really a leaper. She’s a bouncer and a pouncer once you get her playing with a ball or a jingly thing, but left to her own devices, she’s a snuggler and a napper. She’ll sniff at me when I sit on the floor, but then she’ll go back to her spot on or in something soft and conk back out again.
    She’s the chillest ferret we’ve ever had.

  3. pansy, not usually, though when they’re old and/or tired, they can be. Once they wake up, they’re all gogogogogogogogogogoooo … and then they crash.

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