Blog for Birds Results: Pelicans Adopted, Named!

Drum roll please … tonight a little more than $1,200 was sent to theInternational Bird Rescue Center, courtesy ofyou fine people. And the request was made for the following pelican names:





Albert Lambreaux


(There was a tie at press time between Maddow and LaDonna and I figuredafter the week our girl had last week on Treme, she needed the Pelican more.)

I really can’t emphasize enough how hard you all rocked this project. Usually when we do something like this I try to send everybody who donated an e-mail. This time, around the second day it became a positive blizzard of donations, as small as $2, as large as $100, and the e-mail got away from me completely. But know that each of you is a part of this, and a small part of the enormous effort going on to safeguard and clean up the Gulf.

You’re good people. I’m proud to know you.


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  1. Six is a good number. I’m keeping the ICCRC stuff on my blog as well as at BOT so that folks can donate directly to the organization even after the FD Donate-a-thon.

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