The Least Offensive Thing a Hockey Fan Has Ever Said

I guarantee you:


And no, I’m not going crazy over the Hawks. I don’t really follow the NHL, nor the Hawks because they sucked for so many years and also because it’s too goddamn expensive to go to a game, and I feel lame jumping on the bandwagon now, like I haven’t earned it. Badger hockey starts in October, and I’m counting the days until then.


3 thoughts on “The Least Offensive Thing a Hockey Fan Has Ever Said

  1. I don’t see anything wrong with Hawks bandwagon jumping because: the team is finally run well. It’s not just that they sucked and now they’re good – they’ve actually tried to court a fan base and put together a good team.
    I’m not doing it b/c I don’t get hockey, but I think it’s fair in this case.

  2. The WCHA rocks, Athenae. I’m not a Badger fan, though; grew up watching Denver (the late, great Keith Magnuson’s still my all-time favorite college player), and then went to CC. Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree when your Badgers meet my Bengals.

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