EVERYBODY’S Heard About the Bird, Apparently: 4 Pelicans!

So I thought we’d get one Pelican. $200. I mean, in case you haven’t noticed the country’s kind of caving in on itself and everybody can name six people off the top of their heads who are unemployed or broke or both. So $200 would be nice. Little thing for us all to feel good about. Reasonable expectation.

As of today we have more than $800 in the Paypal account to send to the Center at week’s end. THAT’S FOUR PELICANS. That’s $800 to help the people who are cleaning up BP’s mess.

Dare we try for five?Lookit this guy. Don’t all his friends deserve a bath, too? You can give them one. You don’t have to do it by yourself. Lots of other people are helping your money stretch.Hit the tip jar, and put birds in the comments.



9 thoughts on “EVERYBODY’S Heard About the Bird, Apparently: 4 Pelicans!

  1. Sent a check directly to the organization but wrote a note that y’all deserve the credit. So add another 2 and half pelicans to the pot.

  2. I have a random pelican story, not sure if it was relevant. Years ago, I was either freshly married, or not quite married, we were visiting a grandmother-in-law at her beach house in Fla. Out on a pier, we see some people fishing, the get a pin fish, and rather than control it, they are sort of bouncing it around on the dock on the end of a line.
    Pelican swoops in, grabs fish, gets foul-hooked. FLIES OFF against the drag on the fishing rod (f*cking A, who knew?). Stupidly reflexively, something clicked in my head, said this cannot happen, next think you know I am wading into the water with a towel and a pair of pliers, get the bird unhooked without too much damage to the bird (*). He did not want the fish back. They are really big birds, you might not appreciate that until you have one’s bill in your hand.
    (*) About half of lifesaving training, is to prevent you from doing something similarly well-intentioned and impulsive, but deadly stupid with something as large as a panicky drowning human.
    And the same thing happened to my brother.
    So either we are the once-in-a-blue-moon brothers, or there’s a decent number of birds out there getting foul-hooked by stupid people, at least in Florida.

  3. Holy shit, joanie, way to go!
    Six and a half pelicans?
    That sounds like either the worst sitcom ever, or an AWESOME punk band.

  4. Let’s keep it going until the end of the week at least. I have a very cool pulp fiction thing going up on my blog tomorrow. I wish I weren’t so broke right now but I can shill with the best of ’em.

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