Blame It On Cain

There’s a lot of finger pointing going on over the BP Oil-tastrophe and most of the targets deserve to share in the blame. One name I haven’t heard mentioned very much is George W Bush. It was his people at the MMS who were in the pocket of big oil and got free LSU football tickets that should have gone to me. Not that I have anything to sell but who among us doesn’t like free tickets?

In fact, the Obama administration should be mentioning the dread former President and his Veep more often on every subject. They drove the country into a ditch and made a serious of catastrophic policy choices that are only now oozing to the surface. The GOP ran against Jimmy Carter for at least 20 years and the Dems ran against Herbert Hoover for nearly 30. It’s a time honored political tactic and it works. In this instance, it’s also quite accurate. The executive branch was a subsidiary of big oil for the last 8 years. So, blame it on Cain, Mr. President, don’t blame it on me:

And if you feel like picking on the Connecticut Yankee oil man, Poppy Bush, don’t forget, Adam Raised A Cain:

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6 thoughts on “Blame It On Cain

  1. One thing I find frustrating is that the “Bush isn’t in office, so move on, nothing to see here” is in no small part media driven, and not just by Pox News.
    Additionally, the same media tends towards abject deference to Republicans, who treat the press with barely concealed if not open contempt (e.g., Bush himself, Cheney, and now Palin)…while being far more aggressive towards Democratic politicians who don’t…

  2. Interesting how Obama doesn’t want to look back at Bush-era torturers, but he is sure as hell willing to sic the cops onBush-erawhistleblowers. Jackass.
    On a slightly brighter note, Ken Salazar looked back long enough toslap the daylights out of an ignorant GOP congressional troll who tried to get fresh with him. Until I wake up tomorrow morning and find out whether the top kill or money shot or whatever they’re calling it worked, Salazar is my new hero.

  3. Yes Bush appointed those bums, but after more than a year Hopey-Changey had done nothing to replace them. And asDown With Tyranny reminds us about Salazar:
    In 2006, as a U.S. Senator, Salazar voted to end protections that limit offshore drilling in Florida’s gulf Coast. In 2005, Salazar voted against increasing fuel efficiency standards. Also in 2005, he voted against an amendment to repeal tax breaks for his Big Oil buddies, one of whom, current Shell Oil head Gale Norton, was his immediate predecessor at the Interior Dept. You get the picture. Salazar is yet another example of the Obama and Bush predilection for choosing people sympathetic to the industries they are ostensibly supposed to be regulating.
    Now, where’s a statue I can burn?

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