Blogs for Birds: Six and a Half Pelicans

Either the worst sitcom ever, I said in comments yesterday, or the best punk band.

I keep settin’ the bar, and you guys keep clearing it.How many pelicans can we adopt? How about SEVEN?

Keep the birds clean, people. Friday’s the last day. Then we shut this sucker down, pick names for these birdies, and send in our adoption fees. Reading the fine print, they do not actually send us the pelicans. Puck is relieved, but I think Riot’s a little disappointed.Hit the jar.


11 thoughts on “Blogs for Birds: Six and a Half Pelicans

  1. I think tomorrow’s post has to be accompanied by a pic of Tippi Hedren getting her coiffed blondness mussed by crows. Oh please please please…BIRDS!

  2. liprap, have you ever seen Mario Cantone’s routine about the schoolyard scene in the Birds?
    Funniest thing in the world. (or close to it)

  3. A good friend of mine based her Mardi Gras day costume on Tippi getting attacked. Best looking thing EVER.

  4. I sent along a donation directly for 1/2 a pelican. With the match from my wife’s employer this should (eventually) make for a whole bird, something like this entire effort. (I mentioned that it was because of you that the donation was being made.)

  5. Awww, Puck and Riot don’t have to be afraid of pelicanz. Just think Nigel in “Finding Nemo”.

  6. Tomorrow morning, lord willing and the creek don’t rise, make it 7 and 3/4

  7. Della would love to have a pelican but she’d try to eat it so I guess we’ll skip it. We’re trying to save them, after all.

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