It’s Not So Hard Out There For a Wimp


In non-top kill news out of New Orleans, James O’Keefe and his fellow O’Keefe-stone Kops were sternly admonished and given a slap on the wrist, which was pretty much what I expected.

Presumably the lesson learned was that it’s ok to beat up on ACORN, which is like bullying the smallest and least popular kid in the class, but Senators, even Senators from BP (or maybe Senators from BP and other representatives of Corporate America), anyway, Senators aren’t to be fucked with. RHIP–Rank Has Its Privileges.

O’Keefe is just a punk, like his mentorAndrew Breitbart. I hear Breitbart comes from pretty well-off circumstances, O’Keefe looks about the same, but both are clearly seething with resentment about…I dunno, maybe not being even more well-off, or more popular. The kind of people who need to be told, “grow the hell up.”

2 thoughts on “It’s Not So Hard Out There For a Wimp

    some republikkklans are just mean rotters. OH GOD! help the poor? and help them VOTE? that just isn’t right. it should have been felonies so they COULD NOT VOTE.

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