Massa Contradictions

Goofball former Congressman Eric Massa is back in the news with more wild talk but no backrubs thistime around:

Aside from Massa’s media troubles, the profile also reveals his
claims that he was privy to the confessions of “four retired generals”
who told him that “General David Petraeus, a commander with soldiers
deployed in two theaters of war, has had multiple meetings with Dick
Cheney, the former vice president of the United States, to discuss
Petraeus’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for the presidency.
And in fact, that’s more than a constitutional crisis. That’s treason.”

“Were he to run and win,” Massa toldEsquire‘s editors,
“and if he were to run, he would win in a landslide — we would be
witness to an American coup d’état. It is the functional equivalent of
the political overthrow of the commander in chief.”

“When I go public with this,” he said, “they’ll come after me with
everything they’ve got, and I mean everything. But if I’m going to go
down in flames, I may as well do something good.”

Massa also said he met with several top Pentagon officials, and told
them his story. When asked if they took him seriously, Massa replied,
“Oh, oh yes. You could have heard a pin drop.”

I’m no fan of either Cheney or Petraeus but this doesn’t sound like treason to me. Unless you consider Eisenhower and Grant to be traitors too. Generals running for President used to be as common as kudzu.

Eric is clearly the Massa of disasta:

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4 thoughts on “Massa Contradictions

  1. Well, if he retires before he runs, it’s not treason.
    If Dick is trying to get him into office in the next 40 months, it’s another story…

  2. Consider the source. Massa’s picture is in the dictionary next to the word wackjob; if that’s in the dictionary. If not, it should be.

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