Newspaper Crisis: Calm the Hell Down

You must chill. I have hidden your keys:

Of the roughly 1,400 American dailies, 11 have gone out of business
in the past two years, well under one percent. And among those that
did fold, a number were in cities with more than one major paper.
The Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, for
example, stopped print publication – but both were in markets with
daily newspaper competition.

What’s more, newspaper profit margins, after falling for many
years, may actually improve this year, according to a new J.P.
Morgan analysis, as revenue declines moderate and newspaper
companies reap the results of cost-cutting.

Perhaps the magazine had the timetable right – but the story wrong:
Rather than going out of business, many newspapers are beginning to
right themselves.


5 thoughts on “Newspaper Crisis: Calm the Hell Down

  1. 11 dailies that you personally killed in only two years? Well done there, Pol Pot of Journalism.

  2. Right now, letting every piece of garbage called a “news” paper fail and not be started up again would be good news.
    Not a single “news” paper in the US can justify the waste of perfectly good trees to be published.
    Dinosaurs might make good oil but there is no “newspapers of any size in america that actually is a “news”paper.
    They are all propaganda for the oligarchy and any one who trusts even the evil Sulzbergers who own the New York Times are dealing with liars and thieves. I simply lose it when these evil lying SOBs are considered “news.”
    I am crazy but you people are fools.
    America is a joke of a democracy when 99.999 percent of ALL “news” organizations belong wholly to the rich.

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