Blog for Birds Final Day: The Pelican-ing

As of last night, we had just more than $900 in the Paypalfor the International Bird Rescue Center.


A couple of you wrote in to say you’d sent checks directly to the bird rescue center, bringing our Pelican total to seven and a half!

You guys are amazing. Thank you to everybody who’s contributed. If you haven’t yet kicked in, doooo eeet.And suggest names for our pelicans in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Blog for Birds Final Day: The Pelican-ing

  1. I can hza pelikun now!
    Creative compound name suggestions (if we compound names, more choices can be addressed)
    1. Scout-NOLA-FD
    2. Ashley-FYYFF-FD
    3. Roslin/Airlock2012-FD
    4. GetBackUp-FD or NotOneInch-FD
    5. TeddyKennedy-FD
    highly subjective list of Virgotex’s Favorite Badasses (all of whom fight the good fight in their own way)
    6. Maddow/Neko/Simon

  2. But when did dibs really start, huh? (initiating mock throw-down w/Maitri)

  3. “My Name is Earl-FD”
    “Crackvan – FD”
    “Catbus – FD”
    “Son of a Beach – FD”
    “Mortimer S’burd – FD”
    “Dingofever – FD”
    “Doctor Snark – FD”
    “Davis McAlary – FD”

  4. I was skeert someone (elspeth) was goung to suggest Cloaca Ham Crackvan or something

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