Your President Speaks!

Yesterday, at the White House, jawin’ with the CEOs of US automakers.

Look, Daddy, A Whale Egg!

If you want to reduce gasoline usage, like I believe we need to do so for national security reasons, as well as for environmental concerns, the consumer has got to be in a position to make a rational choice.

The Request Within A Request

Part of that request is embedded in a request to the Congress, and I would hope that Congress would move expeditiously on our plan to reduce gasoline usage by 20 percent over the next 10 years. It’s in our national security interest that we do this, it’s in economic security interest we do it, and all at the same time, it will help us be better stewards of the environment.

2 thoughts on “Your President Speaks!

  1. Dumb question – is this 20% just gonna happen cause Shrub says so
    Is there gonna be a coordinated plan combining increasing car mileage, increased availability of mass transit, and changes in our behavior?
    After all – he is the prezident who pushed through a tax credit on SUVs. Gotta drive our hummers !

  2. apparently, the dying detroit car makers are still fighting higher gas milage rquirements.
    gee, no idea why people won’t buy their gas hogs.

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