House proceedings on Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act…Taylor’s remarks ruled improper

Wow another fascinating day in the House.

Republicans introduced amendment after amendment to stymie the Gulf Coast Hurricane Housing Recovery Act of 2007. In debate on prohibiting communities from using CDBG funds for local match to receive disaster funds the following occurred.

Republican Rep. Price (GA) objected to remarks by MS Democrat Rep. Gene Taylor (yes MS is not the the land of milk and honey recovery that the Bush assministration and wingnuts would have you think) The objection held up proceedings for over an hour. Taylor’s remarks were ruled improper. This resulted in his speaking rights for the day being withdrawn. Rep. Barney Franks then won a vote to restore Taylor’s speaking rights. Then Repubs got pissy about civility

Here is video of Rep. Taylor’s excellent remarks focusing on the matching funds requirement and the Katrina fraud perpetrated by the Bush administration, Price’s objection and what ensued…

The bill passed 302-125
with motion to reconsider laid on the table.

UPDATE: A transcript of Rep. Taylor’s remarks…

Mr. Taylor: First let me tell the gentleman from Georgia I appreciate him trying to save some
money. I think his efforts though are a year late. If you want to look for Katrina fraud look for the Katrina fraud that was perpetrated by the Bush administration. In south Mississippi at one point we had 40,000 people living in FEMA trailers. We’re grateful for every one of them. But those
trailers were delivered by a friend of the president, by the name of Riley Bechtel, major contributor to the Bush administration. He
got $16,000 to haul a trailer the last 70 miles from Pergus(?) MS down to the Gulf Coast, hook it up to a garden hose, hook it up to a sewer tap
and plug it in. $16,000.So the gentleman never came to the floor once last year to talk about that fraud.

14 thoughts on “House proceedings on Gulf Coast Housing Recovery Act…Taylor’s remarks ruled improper

  1. FYI – Just watched this, excellent. Called Taylor’s office in Gulfport to turn them on to it. Anticipating a spike in first-draft MS traffic. The guy logged in while I was on the phone and he loved it. I told him to check out the whole Scout saga on Katrina, citizen journalism at its finest.
    Last comment, who will lose their mind first? Holden trying to cover Tony Snow or Athenea covering the Freepi. That’s hard work…

  2. Thanks Tony. I thought Rep Taylor raised important issues and was quite classy. More than I can say for the Republicans the past 2 days

  3. Ashley the last 2 days the Repubs were quite the spectacle of pissiness and callous disregard for poor people…check that…People

  4. Republicans prohibiting speech. Fire the prosecutor in her district and get this problem ‘nipped in the Bud'(Cummins) so the Republican cannot be offended by appeals to decency.

  5. Rep. Thomas is so eloquent, unlike the parade of GOP cartoon characters who spoke after he did. I only wish that this clip had come from Cartoon Network instead of C-Span. It’s scary that these idiots are our “leaders.”

  6. The city you have a question about is Purvis, MS. Purvis is about an hour north of the coast, and was the staging area for some FEMA trailers.

  7. Thank you Scout Prime for posting the video on You Tube. My mom lives in Pass Christian and I really wanted to see this video. I LOVE Gene Taylor! I wish he was my representative. He is as p o’ed as I am. lol!

  8. I’m a Republican, but I’ve been a Gene Taylor fan for years. I was glad to see him call that whiny little pi$$ant from Georgia down on the carpet, and to bring up Bechtel.
    I never trusted W to begin with, but the extent to which he has whored out to his business cronies has surprised even me. Damnit, I want my party back.
    Thanks for posting that clip. Anyone know how to find out who voted which way on letting GT speak again?

  9. Price is my Congressman in Dist 6 GA. He is an odious and unctuous little man. He ran unopposed in 2004 to get his first term. In 2006 he had opposition and refused to show up for two debates against his Dem challenger, Steve Sinton. When he appeared at a candidate forum ( no debate , just a five minute statement from each person running and no q’s from the audience), we presented him with an oversized petition in the lobby asking why he wouldn’t debate. He was upset about that calling it unseemly. On top of that he has the nerve to run a group in the house called “the Truth Squad’. When he was touring his district on the Soc Security issue he was met with tough q’s from the various Dem groups and folded like a cheap tent.He has not held a Town Hall meeting since. Last month he held a meeting via phone for one hour – one hour. What a weasel.He deserves his comeuppance.

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