Your President Speaks!

Using the wounded victims of his Vanity War as props, at Walter Reed Hospital.

What’s Up, Doc?

Every time I come to Walter Reed, I’m also impressed by the care givers — the docs, the nurses, the people who spend many hours trying to heal those who have been wounded in service to our country… And so on behalf of a grateful nation, I do want to thank our docs and our nurses and care givers for providing extraordinary health care to the people who wear the uniform…  I welcome General Schoomaker. But I also welcome General Tucker. Tucker is not a doc.

The Family And The Solider Is Impressed

In other words, you don’t get a lot of glory for what you do. But you certainly do from the family members, who first come here and they see their loved one on a bed, wondering whether or not that person will ever walk again. And then, six months later, the body is returning and the spirit is strong, the person is up and moving around — the family and the soldier is impressed by that care.

Analysis Have Given

Independent analysis have given extremely high marks for the quality of care here.

Notice Comes In Bunches

Recently, the commission performed a surprise inspection — they didn’t give a bunch of notice, they showed up and verified the high quality of care here.

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