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SMV: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live At Fenway Park

Here’s  52 minutes of magic from 2014:

SMV: Nina Simone Live At Ronnie Scott’s

Here’s the legendary Nina Simone live in London in 1985:

SMV: Ella Fitzgerald Live In Australia

The great Ella Fitzgerald live on Australian teevee in 1960. Be patient because she doesn’t hit the stage until the 2:37 mark:

SMV: Hall & Oates The Liberty Concert

On Independence Day in 1985, Hall & Oates performed in Liberty Park in Jersey City. The concert aired live on HBO and the proceeds went to restore the Statue of Liberty. Thanks, guys.

SMV: The Cars Live On The BBC

The Cars rumble in Brighton in 1979.

SMV: Hot Tuna Speed Of Sound Festival Live

I saw Hot Tuna many times during my misspent youth. They remain one of my favorite roots rock bands. Jorma Kaukonen and Jack Casady were 75 and 71 respectively when they played this set, but they sound as good as ever.

Sunday Morning Video: James Taylor Nice Jazz Festival Live

That’s Nice as in the French town, not nice as in JT is nice, which he is.

Sunday Morning Video: The Blasters Rockpalast Loreley 1985

Loreley seems to be the name of the outdoor stage for the German Rockpalast teevee show. Pour yourself a beer and enjoy the music.

Sunday Morning Video: The Who Chicago Live

The Who planned an America tour in support of Who Are You before Keith Moon’s death. They pressed on the next year with Faces drummer Kenny Jones and assorted sidemen.

This Chicago show was broadcast on closed circuit teevee across the country. It was 1979’s version of a live stream.

Sunday Morning Video: David Byrne Live

Here’s a 1997 appearance by David Byrne on the PBS music series Sessions At West 54th:

Sunday Morning Video: Peggy Lee Live In 1984

Ladies and gentlemen, the Quintessential Peggy Lee:

Sunday Morning Video: An Evening With Nat King Cole

Here’s Nat King Cole wearing a skinny tie on the BBC in 1961. Nat even sat down at the piano for a few numbers. Enjoy.

The Bamboo Bamboozle

This post has nothing to do with the great Samuel Fuller flick, House Of Bamboo, but I couldn’t resist posting that image. It has  everything to do with the Big Election Lie.

Those zany Cyber Ninjas have been busy in Arizona:

The recount of Maricopa County, Arizona’s 2.1 million ballots includes an analysis of whether the ballots have any bamboo fibers, an audit leader said Wednesday. The official said that the auditors were seeking to vet a wild claim that 40,000 counterfeit ballots were shipped in from Asia.

The explanation for the review by John Brakey — who is serving as an assistant liaison for the Arizona Senate Republican-ordered “audit” — confirms suspicions by outside election experts that the rules for the audit had been shaped with crazy conspiracy theories about the 2020 election in mind.

Brakey had been asked by a reporter for the local CBS affiliate to elaborate on a reference to bamboo fibers he had made at a press conference last week.

“There’s accusations that 40,000 ballots were flown into Arizona and stuffed into the box. And it came from the Southeast part of the world — Asia — and what they’re doing is to find out if there is bamboo in the paper,” Brakey said Wednesday.

Say what? Bamboo? WTF?

Trumpers have no idea how crazy this shit sounds to non-cult members. The Kaiser of Chaos acts as if these audits or whatever the hell you want to call them is his ticket out of Mar-a-Doorn and back to the White House. That’s right, they somehow think a restoration is possible. So did Kaiser Bill who spent most of his exile preparing for a return to Germany. It never happened.

The Trumpists seem determined to make the Yellow Peril a thing again. Hence the comments about the Chinese or Kung Flu. The latter is what passes for humor in Trumper circles. That’s why the Senate passed an Asian Hate Crimes Bill with only one no vote: Josh Hawley, of course. Hell, even Tailgunner Ted tucked his tail between his legs and voted aye.

In other voter suppression news, the Trump mini-me who runs Florida signed a restrictive bill into law. They’re so eager to pander to the Impeached Insult Comedian that they shot themselves in the foot. The Florida GOP spent years urging their supporters to vote by mail. Their lege just made it harder. That’s some real Florida Man shit, y’all.

The good news is that the Arizona Bamboo Bamboozle is doomed to fail. The bad news is that bamboo is hard to cut back, it keeps growing and growing. Hopefully, that won’t be the case with political bamboo. Stay tuned.

The last word goes to a genuine odd couple, Dean Martin and Frank Zappa:


Sunday Morning Video: Parking Lot Yes

It’s 1996. Yes has a new album to promote: Keys To Ascension. Instead of an in store concert, Yes played in the parking lot of  Tower Records’ flagship Hollywood store.

The video is lame but the music is excellent. It’s stripped down Yes. Rick Wakeman doesn’t have his usual array of keyboards but manages quite well.

Sunday Morning Video: Diana Krall Live In Paris

I seem to have Paris on my mind this week. Here’s the divine Diana Krall live in 2002. FYI, she loves her fellow Canadian Oscar Peterson as much as I do.

Sunday Morning Video: The Beach Boys Live In 1969

Here are the Beach Boys on French television without Monsieur Brian Wilson. His brothers Carl and Dennis are present and accounted for as is their asshole cousin Mike Love in full guru regalia.

Sunday Morning Video- Oscar Peterson: Keeping The Groove Alive

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Oscar Peterson?

Here’s another example: a 2003 documentary about his life. It’s narrated by Christopher Plummer who went to high school with Oscar in Montreal.


Sunday Morning Video: Curtis Mayfield Live At Ronnie Scott’s

Here’s the great soul singer-songwriter Curtis Mayfield live in 1988:

Sunday Morning Video: Count Basie At Carnegie Hall

This is a 1981 love-fest originally broadcast by CBS. It’s a tribute to Count Basie featuring Sarah Vaughan, Tony Bennett, George Benson, and Joe Williams who Basie called “number one son” because Joe was his discovery.

Sunday Morning Video: Anita O’Day Live in ’85

The great jazz singer live at Ronnie Scott’s club in London: