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Sunday Morning Video: Diana Krall Live In Paris

I seem to have Paris on my mind this week. Here’s the divine Diana Krall live in 2002. FYI, she loves her fellow Canadian Oscar Peterson as much as I do.

Sunday Morning Video: The Beach Boys Live In 1969

Here are the Beach Boys on French television without Monsieur Brian Wilson. His brothers Carl and Dennis are present and accounted for as is their asshole cousin Mike Love in full guru regalia.

Sunday Morning Video- Oscar Peterson: Keeping The Groove Alive

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Oscar Peterson?

Here’s another example: a 2003 documentary about his life. It’s narrated by Christopher Plummer who went to high school with Oscar in Montreal.


Sunday Morning Video: Curtis Mayfield Live At Ronnie Scott’s

Here’s the great soul singer-songwriter Curtis Mayfield live in 1988:

Sunday Morning Video: Count Basie At Carnegie Hall

This is a 1981 love-fest originally broadcast by CBS. It’s a tribute to Count Basie featuring Sarah Vaughan, Tony Bennett, George Benson, and Joe Williams who Basie called “number one son” because Joe was his discovery.

Sunday Morning Video: Anita O’Day Live in ’85

The great jazz singer live at Ronnie Scott’s club in London:

Sunday Morning Video: Jackson Browne Glastonbury Live

Another Sunday, another Glastonbury set. This time it’s Jackson Browne live in 2008:

Sunday Morning Video: Aimee Mann Infinity Hall Live

Here’s the great singer-songwriter Aimee Mann live in 2012

Sunday Morning Video: REM Glastonbury 1999

I hope you’re ready to rock:

Sunday Morning Video: John Hiatt & The Nashville Queens Live

John Hiatt month continues on First Draft with this 1997 performance on German teevee. I decided to give Edward Hopper the day off.

Sunday Morning Video: Bryan Ferry Live At Glastonberry 2014

This entry is dedicated to our newest contributor, Cassandra. She is not only a Watergate obsessive, but a big Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music fan as am I.

Sunday Morning Video: Dwight Yoakam Live In Austin

The last concert I attended before the pandemic was Dwight Yoakam at the Fillmore in New Orleans. It’s fitting that the first concert video posted in the revived SMV be Dwight on Austin City Limits in 2015:

Sunday Morning Video: Talking Sopranos with David Chase

It’s been a long time since I posted a SMV. The last one was dated 8/25/2019. It’s time for a revival.

The pandemic has been a nightmare, but some good things have come out of it. One is the Talking Sopranos video podcast with Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa who played Christopher Moltisanti and Bobby Bacala respectively. They started the podcast back in April, but I only recently discovered it. And here I thought I was a Sopranos superfan instead of a slacker. Woe is me, bop.

This is a recent edition featuring the creator of The Sopranos, David Chase:

Sunday Morning Video: Etta James Live In 1991

If you need some pep in your step, this set by the great Etta James should do the trick:

Sunday Morning Video: Johnny Clegg & Savuka Live In Paris

It’s time for another tribute to the late, great Johnny Clegg with this 1990 show at the Zenith Paris.

Sunday Morning Video: Dr. John Live

Our tribute to Dr. John continues with two live shows from the YouTube. The first is a venerable teevee appearance with Johnny Winter. The second is a set with a small group. The sound starts off a bit wonky but it gets better. Stick with it.

Sunday Morning Video: The Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Live

The Rolling Stones have cancelled their 2019 tour, which means they won’t be playing Jazz Fest, which, in turn, means that I won’t see them from my top secret free viewing location. This 1989 show will simply have to do:

Sunday Morning Video: Sopranos Cast Reunion

Today on Adrastos’ obsession with The Sopranos: a recent interview conducted by Harry Smith:

Sunday Morning Video: Paul Simon Unplugged

Paul Simon weekend continues with this 1992 appearance on MTV: