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Sunday Morning Video: Etta James Live In 1991

If you need some pep in your step, this set by the great Etta James should do the trick:

Sunday Morning Video: Johnny Clegg & Savuka Live In Paris

It’s time for another tribute to the late, great Johnny Clegg with this 1990 show at the Zenith Paris.

Sunday Morning Video: Dr. John Live

Our tribute to Dr. John continues with two live shows from the YouTube. The first is a venerable teevee appearance with Johnny Winter. The second is a set with a small group. The sound starts off a bit wonky but it gets better. Stick with it.

Sunday Morning Video: The Rolling Stones Steel Wheels Live

The Rolling Stones have cancelled their 2019 tour, which means they won’t be playing Jazz Fest, which, in turn, means that I won’t see them from my top secret free viewing location. This 1989 show will simply have to do:

Sunday Morning Video: Sopranos Cast Reunion

Today on Adrastos’ obsession with The Sopranos: a recent interview conducted by Harry Smith:

Sunday Morning Video: Paul Simon Unplugged

Paul Simon weekend continues with this 1992 appearance on MTV:

Sunday Morning Video: Steely Dan On Storytellers

Here’s Fagen, Becker, and company on VH1 in 2000:

Sunday Morning Video: The Doors Live At The Hollywood Bowl

Doors week continues with this 1968 concert. The good news is that Jim Morrison neither exposes himself nor gets arrested.

Sunday Morning Video: Old 97’s Live On The Radio

Old 97’s weekend continues with two appearances on KEXP in Seattle. The first in 2014, the second in 2017.

SMV: Farewell To The World 20th Anniversary Concert

Crowded House week continues at First Draft. In 1996, Crowded House said farewell to the world by playing a show outside the Sydney Opera House. Since they regrouped in 2006, they decided to celebrate the earlier celebration on its 20th anniversary. How celebratory of them. Pop open some bubbly and enjoy.

Sunday Morning Video: TCB

TCB is a 1968 teevee special produced by Motown in association with the guys who made Laugh In, George Schlatter and Ed Friendly. TCB was a then popular acronym standing for Taking Care of Business.

Sunday Morning Video: They Came From Beyond Space

A few weeks back I wrote a pulp fiction post about The Gods Hate Kansas and the 1967 movie based on it. Without further adieu, I give you They Came From Beyond Space:

We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto.

Sunday Morning Video: CSNY Live In Golden Gate Park

When legendary San Francisco concert producer/promoter Bill Graham died in a helicopter crash in 1991, some of  his friends gathered in Marconi Meadows in his honor. CSNY were among the performers.


Sunday Morning Video: Submitted For Your Approval

I wrote about The Twilight Zone  yesterday. Here’s a 1995 American Masters documentary about the late, great Rod Serling.

Sunday Morning Video: The Smithereens Live In Jersey

The Smithereens liked to say they’d play anywhere they could get an audience. This set proves that. The emcee reminds me of Linda Richman of SNL fame. It’s a pity that she didn’t say the Reens were like butter.

Sunday Morning Video: Sing Me A Jazz Song

I wrote about the late Jon Hendricks yesterday. Here’s an episode of Soundstage featuring 2/3 of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross as well as Leon Thomas.

It’s a transfer from a home VHS recording so there are a few brief technical glitches. They’re worth riding out for the music.

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Sunday Morning Video: Dwight Live

Here’s a 1996 Dwight Yoakam teevee special on the Disney Channel of all places.


Sunday Morning Video: VH1 Does Tom Petty

I’m still mildly obsessed with Tom Petty. Here are two VH1 programs featuring TP.