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Sunday Morning Video: The Smithereens Live In Jersey

The Smithereens liked to say they’d play anywhere they could get an audience. This set proves that. The emcee reminds me of Linda Richman of SNL fame. It’s a pity that she didn’t say the Reens were like butter.

Sunday Morning Video: Sing Me A Jazz Song

I wrote about the late Jon Hendricks yesterday. Here’s an episode of Soundstage featuring 2/3 of Lambert, Hendricks & Ross as well as Leon Thomas.

It’s a transfer from a home VHS recording so there are a few brief technical glitches. They’re worth riding out for the music.

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Sunday Morning Video: Dwight Live

Here’s a 1996 Dwight Yoakam teevee special on the Disney Channel of all places.


Sunday Morning Video: VH1 Does Tom Petty

I’m still mildly obsessed with Tom Petty. Here are two VH1 programs featuring TP.

Sunday Morning Video: Dire Straits Live In London

Dire Straits weekend continues with this 1985 show from the Brothers In Arms tour:

SMV: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live In 1978

Here’s an appearance on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test:

Sunday Morning Video: James Brown Live At The Ritz

Here’s the Godfather of Soul live in 1986:

Sunday Morning Video: Werewolves On Wheels

You may recall Werewolves On Wheels from Pulp Fiction Thursday a few weeks ago. It’s time to unleash the whole damn movie on an unsuspecting public.

Sunday Morning Video- Charlottesville: Race and Terror

The SMV is back from hiatus with the VICE episode that everyone’s talking about:


Sunday Morning Video: The Jayhawks Live In 2017

Here’s a recent set from the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA. Apparently, it’s a Sellersville market…

SMV- A City On Fire: The Story Of The ’68 Detroit Tigers

It’s the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Detroit riot.  This 2002 HBO documentary takes a look at the riot and why it didn’t happen again the next summer. The main reason was the 1968 World Champion Tigers.

Sunday Morning Video: Chick Corea Meets Herbie Hancock

The two great jazz keyboard players had, of course, met before this joint appearance on Soundstage in 1974. The show features short sets by Return To Forever and the Headhunters followed by a Chick and Herbie piano duet.

Sunday Morning Video: The Alvin Brothers Live

I know they don’t call themselves the Alvin Brothers. Whatever they call themselves, this is a helluva set. Enjoy.

Sunday Morning Video: J. Geils Band Live At Candlestick Park

It’s always fun to stumble into a show you attended. J. Geils were a helluva good opening act for the Stones but the Stick was a horrible place to see a concert. I hate stadium concerts even when spectacle is involved. That’s why Dr. A and are babysitting three blue-eyed hellions this September instead of seeing U2. I may live to regret this decision.

Sunday Morning Video: Huey Long

It’s documentary time. The film that put Ken Burns on the map in 1985: Huey Long. 

Sunday Morning Video: Women Of Song Infinity Hall Live

It’s an Infinity Hall Live compilation featuring Tori Amos, Aimee Mann, Shelby Lynne, The Wailin’ Jenny’s, Wilson Phillips, and Joan Osborne

Sunday Morning Video: Larry Graham & Graham Central Station Live

I originally planned to post this 2011 set on the Sunday after their first album was featured on ACAW. Better late than never.


Sunday Morning Video: Gregg Allman, R.I.P.

Gregg Allman died yesterday at the age of 69.  There’s no better way to pay tribute to one of the pioneers of Southern rock than posting the Allman Brothers Band’s 40th Anniversary show.

Sunday Morning Video: The Cars Live In Houston

Here’s a 1984 set from the Heartbeat City tour:

Sunday Morning Video: Steely Dan Live In Charlotte

Here’s a 2006 set with a guest appearance by former band member Michael McDonald: