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Sunday Morning Video: Gregg Allman, R.I.P.

Gregg Allman died yesterday at the age of 69.  There’s no better way to pay tribute to one of the pioneers of Southern rock than posting the Allman Brothers Band’s 40th Anniversary show.

Sunday Morning Video: The Cars Live In Houston

Here’s a 1984 set from the Heartbeat City tour:

Sunday Morning Video: Steely Dan Live In Charlotte

Here’s a 2006 set with a guest appearance by former band member Michael McDonald:

Sunday Morning Video: Jackson Browne Live

Here’s a 1992 set from the I’m Alive tour:

Sunday Morning Video: Genesis Live In 1973

I’d somehow missed this gem. It’s the classic Genesis lineup of Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, and Phil Collins. It was filmed during the Selling England By The Pound tour. What’s not to like about that? Not a damn thing.

Sunday Morning Video: The Smithereens Live At Infinity Hall

Here’s a 2011 show courtesy of Connecticut Public Broadcasting:

Sunday Morning Video: Oasis Live In 2000

I wrote about Oasis: Supersonic yesterday. Here are those zany, madcap boys playing a hometown gig in Manchester.

Sunday Morning Video: Cheap Trick Play The Beatles


It’s no secret that my colleague Athenae does not share my enthusiasm for the Beatles. But Illinois based rockers Cheap Trick are Beatlemaniacs. This week’s SMV brings together some of CT’s best Beatles covers. We begin with a song from Revolver:

Are you ready to roll up for the mystery tour?

Next up an all-star hair band live version of Get Back:

I’ve got a good reason for posting this version of Day Tripper:

It’s hippie dippy anthem time:

I rarely post audience videos but this one has good sound and no inane chit-chat. Besides, it’s *the* medley from Abbey Road. Say no more.

Cheap Trick has performed Sgt. Pepper in its entirety more than a few times since the LP’s 40th anniversary. We’ll close with a selection of tunes from that Beatles classic. Hmm, I wonder if Rick Nielsen is really Billy Shears?

The only way to finish this epic post is with the ultimate John Lennon song:


SMV: Dr. John Live At The Newport Jazz Festival

It’s Carnival, so it’s Dr. John time:

Sunday Morning Video: The Murder Of Emmett Till

I wrote yesterday about Emmett Till’s lynching and its importance to the Civil Rights movement. Here’s a 2003 American Experience documentary about it:


Sunday Morning Video: The Curse Of The Petrie People

Our tribute to Mary Tyler Moore continues with this episode of her first classic sitcom:

Sunday Morning Video: Austin City Limits Songwriters Special

This 2008 episode features the late Guy Clark, Joe Ely, Lyle Lovett, and token non-Texan, John Hiatt:

Sunday Morning Video: Happy New Year

Here’s the second set from the Grateful Dead’s 1990 NYE show at the Oakland Coliseum complete with a long countdown and balloon drop. The music starts at the 4:13 mark:


Sunday Morning Video: Asia Live In Basel


The original Asia lineup of Geoff Downes, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, and John Wetton regrouped in 2006 and made some terrific music. This 2010 show was from a tour in support of the Omega album.

It’s lagniappe time. It’s a 1983 MTV show with the late Greg Lake filling in for John Wetton on bass and vocals. Lake was an awkward fit with Asia so this was strictly a one-off thing.

Sunday Morning Video: The French Resistance

Since I’ve gone on about les Maquis, here’s a pretty good documentary about the French Resistance. It’s an episode of the Secrets of War series and is narrated by Charlton Heston:

Sunday Morning Video: The Most Dangerous Game


You’re not seeing double. This is not my post-election piece, The Most Dangerous Game, it’s the 1932 movie that inspired that post. This atmospheric black and white horror flick involved many of the same people who went on to make King Kong the next year.

Sunday Morning Video: Leon Russell Live On Homewood Session

It’s our final tribute to the late, great Leon Russell. It’s Leon and friends on a homey Los Angeles teevee show hosted by the film critic Charles Champlin. R.I.P. Leon.