Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – soup or Trooper edition

Ok, folks – when we last left our Freeper Fandango, they were still bickering over Sgt. KMA.

Here’s the article at the beginning of the thread :

Washington trooper who defied state vaccine mandate and told gov to ‘kiss my a–‘ dies from COVID-19 NY Post ^ | 1/29/22 | Kyle Morris Posted on 1/29/2022, 6:44:09 AM by Callahan

A Washington State Patrol officer who defied a statewide vaccine mandate and signed off for the last time by telling Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee to “kiss my a–” is dead from COVID-19.

Occasionally, even a Freeper ditches the “Kung Flu” cult :

(in response to the “Darwin Award winner” comment that got deleted and that I rescued)

To: Blennos
Cruel comment or not, thousands of so-called Darwin Awards have been bestowed on these very pages during my time on FreeRepublic. I cannot begin to count the times I have read phrases like “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes” and “Hold my beer” or heard about Karma and of course Schadenfreude. I have zero doubt that if former officer Lamay had simply gotten vaccinated he would still be alive right now, perhaps enjoying a nice hot cup of coffee, looking forward to a relaxing weekend after a satisfying week on the job and counting the days to a happy retirement and generous pension. I hope no others have died as a result of following his well-publicized lead. We don’t know whether he was treated or self-medicated with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, our some other cocktail of drugs and vitamins, but as a celebrated poster child for the antivaxx movement, I am sure he had access to all of the above and I would not be surprised if he had Dr. Zelenko and the My Pillow guy on speed dial. Sorry you are no longer with us, Mr. Lamay. I wish you were enjoying that nice hot cup of coffee right now. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a refill.
53 posted on 1/29/2022, 7:38:12 AM by Atticus
Of course, the majority are all like :
To: Callahan
They can mock him all they want. They are low life.
They missed it.
He died a free man.
57 posted on 1/29/2022, 7:41:53 AM by Candor7
And on the other hand :
To: Atticus
“I have zero doubt that if former officer Lamay had simply gotten vaccinated he would still be alive right now…”
Ditto 100%.
I have NO clue why so many have chosen this hill to die on.
86 posted on 1/29/2022, 8:10:59 AM by devane617 (RUN FOR LOCAL ELECTED OFFICE! COUNCIL,SCHOOL BOARD, ETC.)
Excellent choice of words.
As to the “why” part:
That’s it for the “Trooper” part of today’s post – the “Souper” part below the fold :

Well, as Showercap already observed, one of the downsides of doing a post once a week is that by the time you get around to it, all the good memes and jokes are already used up.
Nevertheless :

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Tries to Laugh Off Gazpacho / Gestapo Mix-Up Seattle Times ^ | Feb. 10, 2022 Posted on 2/10/2022, 3:33:54 PM by nickcarrawayThe right-wing firebrand laughed off comments made during an interview with One American Network (OAN) complaining House Speaker Pelosi was secretly investigating members of Congress and constituents.

“Not only do we have the D.C. jail, which is the D.C. gulag,” said Rep. Greene in a now-viral video. “Now we have Nancy Pelosi’s gazpacho police spying on members of Congress, spying on the legislative work that we do, spying on our staff and spying on American citizens that want to come to talk with their representatives.”

After being roundly mocked for confusing the Gestapo, the official secret police of Nazi Germany and in German-occupied Europe with gazpacho, a cold tomato soup often served with cucumbers and cilantro, Greene surfaced on social media on Thursday morning


I remember when Republicans were smart. Now we have a bunch of Republican AOCs.

1 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:33:54 PM by nickcarraway
To: nickcarraway
Her heart is in the right place. Her head however may not be screwed on too tight.
4 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:37:32 PM by thegagline (Sic semper tyrannis )
To: nickcarraway
Otto Kerekt gets everyone.
10 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:39:37 PM by IYAS9YAS (There are two kinds of people: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.)
She said it into a microphone during an ONAN interview, you mumpsimus-spouting ninnyhammer!
To: Betty Jane
Why not the Gazpacho Gestapo?
The State Secret Soup.
16 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:42:08 PM by tet68 ( ” We would not die in that man’s company, that fears his fellowship to die with us….” Henry V.)
I’ll tell you why not :

No soup for you, Marjorie Taylor Greene!

The “Soup Nazi” himself has dished on the Republican Georgia congresswoman’s astonishing slip-up — saying he knew he was “in trouble” when the lawmaker confused gazpacho with the Gestapo.

“If she got the word wrong with a nonsensical word, it would be one thing, but I knew as soon as she actually used the name of a soup that I was in trouble,” Larry Thomas, who played the iconic “Seinfeld” character, told the Guardian.


The recently retired actor — whose character is based on real-life chef Al Yeganeh, who owned a chain of soup joints in Manhattan — said the blunder was beyond belief.

“How in the world can a grown person, who grew up in the 20th century, not know what the word Gestapo is?” he said. “They say ‘You can’t write this s—.’ It’s beyond ‘You can’t write this s—.’

Come on, Larry – don’t hold back – tell us how you really feel!

To: nickcarraway
Maybe she was testing the lying, MSM… see which word they’d abhor, more….gazpacho or gestapo.
21 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:44:59 PM by Jane Long (What we were told was a “conspiracy theory” in 2020 is now fact. 🙏🏻 Ps 33:12)
To: nickcarraway
Re: 1 – Pretty ignorant on her part.
Not surprised.
24 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:47:56 PM by Fury
To: SoConPubbie
If she came to me for tutoring, I guess I’d be open. It would just be nice to see Republicans who are educated and strategic again.
25 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:47:57 PM by nickcarraway
That ship (unfortunately) sailed a long time ago.
To: tet68
I think someone already has the trademark on “Soup Nazi”. 😉
40 posted on 2/10/2022, 3:54:16 PM by Empire_of_Liberty
Undeniably true.
To: nickcarraway
Gazpacho is a dish best served cold.
88 posted on 2/10/2022, 4:49:51 PM by moovova
To: ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas
“Unless she typed in “nazi secret police” to her phone’s search and her phone autocorrected “gestapo.””
Really? We want political leaders who don’t know the difference between a fascist police department who terrorized their fellow citizens and a cold tomato soup?
98 posted on 2/10/2022, 5:10:21 PM by Fuzz
Sure looks that way to me.
To: DoodleDawg; nickcarraway
In a time of crisis a country has warriors like MTG and punk ass bitches like you two.
137 posted on 2/10/2022, 5:58:09 PM by bramps (It’s the Islam, stupid!)
Yep – I’d say the “no cursing” rule at Freeperville is dead in the water.
To: bramps
Damn, I want to be a punk ass bitch on this topic too!
139 posted on 2/10/2022, 6:01:12 PM by Fuzz
As for the “warrior” thingy :
To: bramps
Okay, if she’s a warrior, what was she won? You have shifted over to thinking that clickbaity words are better than actual accomplishments. Meanwhile, the country is slipping away because that kind of thining.We need more Reagan Republicans, not the Kardashian-Republicans you favor.
142 posted on 2/10/2022, 6:03:50 PM by nickcarraway
Ouchie, times infinity.
And now – the post of the thread!
To: nickcarraway
It’s not like she misspelled potato or something…
165 posted on 2/10/2022, 7:32:53 PM by Elsie (Heck is where people, who don’t believe in Gosh, think they are not going…)
See you good people next Monday.



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  1. You know who always loved to scream about “tyrants”? John Wilkes Booth. And Timothy McVeigh.

  2. “It’s not like she misspelled potato or something…”

    Yeah THAT GUY, who told Pence to just sit there and let TFG be shown to be a LOSER.

  3. People say we need to talk to the other side, find common ground with them. I’m not going to find common ground with people who trust stupidity over science.

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