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Friday Catblogging: Jeepers Creepers

Writing about Neil Gorsuch’s propensity to say gosh and golly yesterday made me think of Johnny Mercer’s slangy lyrics as applied to Della Street’s devil eyes:

Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those peepers?
Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those eyes?
Gosh all, git up, how’d they get so lit up?
Gosh all, git up, how’d they get that size?
Golly gee, when you turn those heaters on
Woe is me, got to put my cheaters on
Jeepers creepers, where’d ya get those peepers?
Oh, those weepers, how they hypnotize.
Where’d ya get those eyes?

Heere’s Della:

Here’s the man himself singing Jeepers Creepers by golly:

Friday Guest Catblogging: Can’t Let Go

This week Carnival withdrawal and catblogging collide in a repeat appearance by my friends Holly and Paul’s feline Boris. Holly is a member of the Krewe of Nyx who are known for their decorated purses. Quite naturally, Holly made a purse honoring Boris:

I’m not sure if Boris approves. At least she didn’t cough up a hairball on it:

Since I used a Roxy Music tune for the title, I am obligated to post it regardless of whether Boris approves:

UPDATE: Boris celebrates her return to First Draft. I’m glad she doesn’t drink vodka.

Friday Catblogging: Krewe du O

This week’s catblogging features a snapshot of Oscar snoozing next to my Krewe du Vieux costume a few weeks ago. The bag he’s sleeping on contains a krewemate’s costume. All Oscar knows is that it’s comfortable and that’s all the matters to a cat:

Oscar Spank


Friday Catblogging: Kegger

My friend Greg is a talented home brewer. He usually brings a keg over to our house during Carnival. As you can see, Oscar approves:


Friday Catblogging: Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

…who’s the biggest butt-head of all? It’s clearly Della Street. I’m glad y’all already know we’re not the best housekeepers in the world. Holy clutter, Batman.



Friday Guest Catblogging: Dennie Meets The Insult Comedian

Dennie the Den of Muses cat found an unusual spot to nap last week before Krewe Du Vieux marched. She spent much of the week lying on the back of a Krewe of Craps built effigy of Donald Trump in the stocks. It was tremendous. Believe me.

Here are a variety of pictures taken by my krewe-mates Wendar, Chris, Jennifer, and, of course, Dr. A. The last picture features my old pal Loki.

Dennie Trump

Dennie Trump


Finally, this is the best picture of Dennie. What cat doesn’t like scritches?

Dennie Loki

Friday Guest Catblogging: Dennie & The Busty Bust

Krewe du Vieux rolls tomorrow, which means I’m sharing some pictures of Dennie the Den of Muses cat. Since I belong to the Krewe of Spank, I considered calling this post Spanks For The Mammaries but I didn’t want Bob Hope’s estate on my ass…

I’m not sure if Dennie thought she could nurse on the busty bust, but ya never know.


Time for some seasonal music:


Friday Guest Catblogging: John Wetton & A Torti Named Peggy

The late John Wetton was a die hard cat person. Like Dr. A, he had a particular passion for tortoise shell cats aka tortis. Here’s what he said about Peggy the torti on twitter: “an angelic, frighteningly loyal,half-wild cat with a heart of feline gold.”


This week’s post is a gynormous excuse to post John’s ode to a Florentine black cat:

Friday Catblogging: I Looked Away

Help, I’m running out of clever catblogging titles. The best I could do this week was to use an Eric Clapton song title. So it goes:


And yes, Oscar’s bald spot is back. Otherwise he’s as fit as a fiddle and ready to play some Dominos.


Friday Guest Catblogging: Dennie Returns

The Krewe du Vieux parade is on February 11th this year. We’re spending a lot of time at the den, which means you get to see our old friend Dennie.


Friday Guest Catblogging: Harold The Helper

Harold belongs to my friends Christy and Greg or do they belong to him? Recently, he decided to help one of his humans work by going all boneless cat on her laptop. So it goes.


Friday Catblogging: When Genres Collide

There are a few well-established catblogging genres: before and after, boxes, and Devil-Eyed Della. This post brings all three together in celebration of Twelfth Night.


devil eyed shoe box della.

Friday Catblogging: It’s Always Boxing Day

Feline box love week continues. Oscar and Della sat in the same priority mail box at different times. Boxes are clearly a high priority item here at Adrastos World HQ.

Oscar box


Friday Catblogging: Faux Reindeer Days

It’s time for some throwback catblogging. This picture of angry and bitter cats glaring at a faux reindeer first appeared in 2013.

Reindeer Daze

Friday Catblogging: Happy Together

Dr. A was able to coax Oscar and Della into posing without bribery. She’s got the touch:


Speaking of Happy Together, here are the Mothers with Flo & Eddie:

Friday Catblogging: Before & After

Dr. A caught Della Street and Oscar sharing a chair in our living room. Oscar was too passed out to notice but Della opened her eyes. Another day, another devil-eyed Della picture.


Friday Catblogging: Della Street’s Faustian Box Bargain

This week’s post combines two classic catblogging themes: boxes and Devil-eyed Della. Who could ask for anything more?


I’m fresh out of devil songs, so I’ll make a bargain with the Who instead.

Friday Catblogging: Throw Bag Della

Della Street refuses to go shopping on Black Friday or any other day for that mater Why fight the crowds when one can contemplate the glories of Carnival past and future in a purple throw bag?

Throw Bag Della


Friday Cat Blogging: Reading Headlines To Buddy


Story Here

Though I like what the Miami Herald wrote about the guy who went off on a Starbucks employee which started this dumbassery. Lead line:

David Sanguesa said he was having a bad day.


Previous bad days: the one in 2008 when he was arrested on a DUI charge. The one a week later when he was again charged with DUI. And the day in 2014 when he was charged with domestic violence, which was later dropped. And there were all those days, going back years, when he emailed the Miami Herald with rants against Cubans, women, immigrants, gays and lesbians, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Mic Drop Miami Herald!

So now Murika is protesting Starbucks by buying Starbucks, all for the guy known to basically be THAT guy in Miami regularly howling at the moon.

Buddy weeps….

(Buddy is a she and adopted from a shelter)

Friday Catblogging: Confessions Of A Keane Cat

Any of you who have seen Tim Burton’s 2014 movie, Big Eyes knows what I’m talking about. My friend Kevin once remarked that Oscar looked like a Keane cat. He’s right as you can see from this picture taken by cat-sitter par excellence, Christy: