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Friday Catblogging: By Your Side

This picture perfectly captures Oscar and Della’s personalities. He looks earnest and sincere and she’s smirking. That’s our Della Street.

The post title is largely a pretext to post a Squeeze tune from their punniest album, Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti:

Friday Catblogging: Old Man Cat

Oscar is 15 going on 16 and he’s showing his age. He’s as sweet and lovable as always but has good days and bad days. This was one of the good ones:

I think Neil Young would understand even if he wrote this song when he was 27:

Saturday Odds & Sods: Touch Of Gray

A Bar at the Folies-Bergère  by Edouard Manet, 1882.

It’s my birthday today. We’re planning a relatively quiet day with dinner at one of the great restaurants in New Orleans, Brigtsen’s. It’s located in an Uptown cottage, not far from the river. The service is great and the food is even better.

A note on the featured image. I’m such a Manet fan that I named a black female cat Manet. She was long-lived and lovable. We had a game that we played together wherein we compared artists. I’d ask “who do you like better, Picasso or Manet?” The answer was always the same: “Manet.” She lived to be twenty, dying in 2005 not long before Katrina. I’m glad she missed the upheaval and disruption of our nomadic evacuation. It’s hard to be a grande dame when you’re on the move.

It’s sad how few pictures we have of our pre-digital camera era cats. This is a good shot of Manet in her Dowager Empress period:

Holy lagniappe catblogging, Batman.

August 1st was the 75th anniversary of Jerry Garcia’s birth. I miss Jerry, which is why the Garcia-Hunter tune, Touch of Gray, is this week’s theme song. It was the Dead’s only genuine hit single, which is remarkable given their longevity and popularity.

We have two touches of gray for your listening pleasure: the  VH1 pop up video of their skeletony promo video and a live version from 7/4/1989 in Buffalo. Notice Jerry and keyboard player Brent Mydland touching their own gray hair before launching into the song. Oh well, a touch of gray, kind of suits you anyway. Literal but still swell. Brent died in 199o. I’ve often said that being the keyboard player in the Dead was much like being the drummer in Spinal Tap. I don’t believe in jinxes but this one has a kernel of truth.

Oh yeah, both videos were posted by someone who spelled gray with an E. So it goes.

Now that I’ve made y’all feel old and decrepit, let’s limp to the break.

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Friday Catblogging: Beer Boxer

Della Street loves it when we shop at Costco. They provide a variety of boxes for her sedentary amusement. This box originally contained two twelve-packs of Urban South beer. It’s a New Orleans brewery, which means that Della is boxing locally.

UPDATE: I had an online run-in with the people from Urban South. This is Della’s last box with their logo on it. They lost my business today. So it goes.

Friday Catblogging: Cheek To Cheek

Oscar and Della Street have a new spot by our vintage 1930’s bar. Yes, Oscar has a bald spot but the hair seems to be regenerating even if he’s out of the running to be the 13th Doctor.

One would never confuse Oscar and Della with Fred and Ginger. That’s why I’m posting Sinatra’s version of the Irving Berlin tune that gives this post its name.

Friday Catblogging: Yogurt Boxer

It’s time for Della’s Dannon box profile shot:

Friday Catblogging: Floor Show

Della Street is plugged in and Oscar is leaning in. So it goes.

Friday Catblogging: Languid Della

It’s summertime and the living is easy for Della Street. It’s too hot to cat.


Friday Catblogging: First He Sleeps On The Purse

My old friend Susan dropped by last Sunday. She put her purse on the Congressional trunk that serves as our coffee table, and the rest is Oscary history.

The post title pun on a certain song title has given me a benign earworm. This is it:

Friday Catblogging: Less Than (Coke) Zero

Della Street has an interesting new spot:

Speaking of Less Than Zero:

Friday Catblogging: Crazy Eyes

This was an attempt to take a devil-eyed Della picture. As usual, Oscar was oblivious.

Speaking of Crazy Eyes, here’s a classic tune by Poco:




Friday Catblogging: The Devil & Mister O

It’s a duo picture of Oscar and Della Street for the  third consecutive week. It may be a record  but I’m too lazy to investigate. They could be the next Crosby and Nash. Bad choice: they’re not speaking because of Crosby’s malakatude whereas Oskie and Della remain besties.


Friday Catblogging: Bar Stool Kitties

There are times that Oscar and Della Street resemble one cat with two heads. This is one of them or is that two?


Friday Catblogging: Carnival Flashbag

The title isn’t a typo, it’s a pun on flashback. Another day, another pun. Oscar and his pesky kid sister belatedly discovered a Carnival throws bag that’s been sitting next to the fireplace for months. I never claimed to be a good housekeeper or to read Good Housekeeping for that matter.

The kitties are now so obsessed with the bag that Della gave me a warning hiss as I walked by the other day. Silly cat. That’s why we call her the butt-head.

Friday Catblogging: Puttin’ On The Ritz (Box)

There’s a story behind this picture. I put the bigass Ritz Crackers box down a few weeks ago. Della Street had no interest in it until earlier this week. Most of my catblogging pictures were taken by Dr. A: not this one. I was a man on a mission. It’s not much of a mission but it’s mine all mine.

It’s time for the obligatory musical ending. Super duper.

Friday Guest Catblogging: Milo Listens To The Mockingbird

It’s time for Milo’s third catblogging appearance. He appears to be oblivious to the mockingbird right behind him. Talk about letting down the side.

I bet you thought I was going to post Listen To The Mockingbird. Wrong. Here are Carly and James instead:

Friday Catblogging: Bowl Kitty

This is Della Street in her natural habitat: next to her food bowl.

Friday Catblogging: Don’t Mess With Me, Human

As you can see in this snapshot, Della Street takes her couch time seriously.


Friday Catblogging: Sur La Table

This is one of the few tables our cats are allowed on. Della Street would sit there anyway.


Friday Catblogging: Bookish Cat

It’s time for another Della in a box picture. I believe my copy of Michael Tisserand’s Krazy came in this Barnes & Noble box. Della Street, however, is more of an Ignatz than a Krazy. It’s why we don’t let her near bricks.