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Friday Catblogging: PD’s Waterloo

We’ve restocked the Tower of Terror with seltzer. Will it doom Paul Drake? Not bloody likely. The Duke of Wellington is nowhere to be found. Anyone have a beef with that?

The last word goes to The Kinks:

Friday Throwback Catblogging: Pogo In Exile

I’ve had my favorite cousin on my mind since her passing. We spent 3 weeks with her during our Katrina exile. She loved having us, especially our cats Pogo and Oscar. They, of course, took over the joint.

Here are two pictures of the late great Pogo during her time in Texas:

Friday Throwback Catblogging: Friday The 13th Edition

This is my favorite picture of the late great Della Street:

Friday Catblogging: Social Climber

While we were in Texas our friend and neighbor of 20 years, Alli, took care of Paul Drake.  She’s officially Aunt Alli after she let PD climb her legs. It’s what he does.

Friday Catblogging: The Case Of The Shamus & The Sign

Yeah, I know, Paul Drake’s namesake was the detective, not him. He does, however, investigate everything and everyone that enters our house.

Here’s PD and a sign Dr. A made for a friend in the Nyx parade.

Friday Catblogging: Table Manners

The title is, of course, ironic because Paul Drake has none. He’s charming until he tries to steal your dinner. That’s one reason he needs to wear a bell:

Friday Throwback Catblogging: Still Missing Della

Paul Drake remains a solo artist. I’m still not ready to get another cat. Our longtime vet’s staff mishandled everything about what turned out to be her last visit. He is no longer our vet but they keep sending us shit. Knock it off, y’all.

Here’s a picture of Della Street on my lap:

Tuesday Catblogging

Whatever is going to happen in New Hampshire tonight, Slade and Ada would like you to know that as long as their food bowls are full and their litterboxes pristine, they don’t give even a single fuck.

two cats chair


Friday Throwback Catblogging: Projector Cat

It’s tortie time with Dr. A’s late cat, Window. She was a feisty creature but she allowed me to use her as a chapeau.

Window liked to help her human practice seminars when she was a grad student in the pre-powerpoint era. Window was attracted to the projector light because, like most cats, she was a heat-seeking creature.

Friday Catblogging: The Return Of The Tower Of Terror

The cat atop the tower is not terrifying. That was the late, great Della Street’s job. Paul Drake is a schmoozer, not an terrorist.

Friday Catblogging: Rugrat Cat

We have a new rug in our living room. Paul Drake approves:

Friday Catblogging: The Lion In Winter

The title is, of course, nonsense. Paul Drake is a cow cat, not a lion. He’s never been confused with Peter O’Toole. And we’re having a mini heat wave in January. In short, it’s a tissue of lies; much like every word uttered by the Impeached Insult Comedian.

Anyway, here’s a picture of PD reclining on my fleece robe; that’s pretty wintry.


Friday Catblogging: Life Is A Quilt

Paul Drake’s gotcha season continues with this early picture of the boy on the bed.

Lagniappe Catblogging: Twelfth Night/Gotcha Day

I had an epiphany this morning and realized it’s Twelfth Night. Just kidding. I knew that already. Saints fans are drowning their sorrows with King Cake after yesterday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Oh well, what the hell can ya do? Not a damn thing.

In addition to kicking off the Carnival season, Twelfth Night is also Paul Drake’s Gotcha Day. We adopted the mischievous bugger in 2018. Here’s PD’s adoption day picture with Dr. A:

He’s a lucky cat and I’m a lucky man.

Are you ready for some lagniappe lagniappe catblogging? Dennie the Den of Muses Cat has retired from her duties. She’s living at home with her human. Here’s a blast from the past of Dennie with the Spank flag:

The last word goes to Al “Carnival Time” Johnson:


Friday Catblogging: Spicy Tomato Box Boy

Paul Drake doesn’t like to eat tomatoes unless cheese is involved. He does, however, like sitting on a box of RO-TEL tomatoes, which makes him a spicy tomato box boy.

The last word goes to the Jolly Boys:

Friday Guest Catblogging: Inside Agitator

Little Buddy is back and up to no good. He’s my friend Kyle’s cat and mischief is his middle name.

Here’s Little Buddy taking up temporary residence in the washer. Stay out of the dryer, dude.

Friday Throwback Catblogging: Oscar, Della, & The Faux Reindeer

I ran this picture back in 2016 of Oscar and Della Street glaring at a faux reindeer. I don’t recall if they pounced but they were certainly riled up. A dirty look from Della was no big whoop but Oscar used his large cartoonlike eyes to charm, not scare.

Friday Guest Catblogging: Flip In The Box

Meet Flip. His cat guardian Maureen is one of Dr. A’s colleagues. As you can tell from the box, she’s Canadian.

This picture poses the eternal feline question: What’s better than a Christmas tree? A Christmas tree box.  I stole that from Maureen’s Facebook feed. Thanks, hon.

Friday Catblogging: PD In Profile

Paul Drake lost his collar under something or other. One of these days, we’ll hunt it down but for now he’s a nekkid cat:

Friday Catblogging: Blast From The Past

My Now Be Thankful holiday piece is about loss and renewal. It got me thinking of the dynamic duo of Oscar and Della Street who were together from 2007 to 2017. I still miss these two even if the tuxedo cat always had a bad attitude.