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Sunday Catblogging: Throw Your Hands in the Air if You’re a True Player

First of all, condolences to the Adrastos family on the loss of Della. She heartily disapproved of me when I was last in NOLA for a visit, as well she should have, and I was honored to receive her royal disdain. Hopefully all our ferrets have found her beyond the bridge and are now also basking in her contempt as they so deserve.

Rest in peace, sweet girl.

Speaking of contempt, Kick regularly sings “I love it when you call me Big Poppa” at Slade, because he has become chonk, destroyer of worlds:

Behold, our lard, in all his thicc glory.


Della Street, R.I.P.

Our mouthy, smirking, cranky, and gorgeous internet rock star, Della Street, died today. It was a shocker. She had a chronic thyroid problem that we were dealing with. She took ill at the beginning of the week, then rallied on Thursday night when we watched the NBA finals together. She even went to the door and stared down the pit bull next door.

This morning she took a dramatic turn for the worse. Dr. A is out of town so our good friend Brett went with me to the vet. We dropped her off at around 10 and she was gone a mere 6 hours later. Della was 12. We’ve seen other elder kitties go downhill but not this fast.

I am genuinely shocked and, as you know, I neither shock nor scare easily. Della was Dr. A’s cat so I thought she’d hang on until her human returned home, but she was ready to go out on her own terms, that was our Della.

I know some might find it odd that I’d sit down and write a tribute to Della so soon. I knew that our readers would want to know as soon as possible. That’s what I love about First Draft, we’re a community. And Della has been entertaining you with her antics since she was 2 years old. Ain’t it funny how time slips away?

I don’t cry easily or often but I did upon hearing this stunning news. I rallied because I knew the last thing Della Street would want is for me to be maudlin over her passing. She was a tough and feisty cat who was best known for her smirk and glare. She was the queen of dirty looks and I was the happy recipient of many of those looks as was her pesky kid brother, Paul Drake, who is even more confused than usual by her absence.

She will be missed but never forgotten.

The last word goes to Crowded House:


Friday Guest Catblogging: Porch Cats

Since we’ve lived in New Orleans, our cats have always been indoor models. We’ve lived too close to major streets to let them roam. My friend Stephanie’s cats love the great outdoors. Here are Milo and Whiskers doing what they do best: porch sitting.

Friday Catblogging: Book ‘Em, Paulie

Dr. A and I went to the symphony book sale last weekend. Paul Drake found the boxes containing our purchases. I hope he doesn’t expect us to follow the directions

Tuesday Catblogging

The cats are now adult enough to utterly ignore us when they’re not actively fucking with us, but they both seem to instinctively know when we’re out of sorts. Kick had a minor sleep regression and Slade was ON HER the entire time, headbutting and rubbing and purring and nudging her for pets. I had a minor mental health regression and Ada glued herself to me whenever I sat down on the couch.

They’re sweet beasts.


Friday Catblogging: Muscling In

Here are Della Street and Paul Drake atop the latest iteration of the tower of terror. Della is smirking as always but Paul looks like a bad ass. Trust me, he’s not.

Friday Catblogging: Still Life Of Cat With Toiletries

Paul Drake is an expert at finding spots that are verboten. Who wants cat hair on their toothbrush? We’ve resorted to keeping the door shut to break him of his latest bad habit.


Friday Catblogging: Gunga Paul

Those of you with long memories might recall that there was a post titled Gunga Della in 2015. It’s Paul Drake’s turn in the barrel:

You’re a good man, Gunga Paul.

Friday Catblogging: International Cat Of Mystery

Paul Drake’s love of boxes and bags is well known. Sometimes I think he’s spying on us for an unknown power. This is one of those times:

Friday Catblogging: Mat Cats

I originally planned to call this post Floor Mat Cats but Della Street vehemently objected. She even threatened to howl in my ear in the wee hours if she did not get her way.

The last word goes to Neil Finn:

Friday Catblogging: Lap Of Luxury

Dr. A was graced with both Paul and Della on her lap. Naturally, she took a picture:

Friday Catblogging: Stroller Boy

Befitting a cat named after a fictional shamus, Paul Drake investigates everything that comes in the house. This stroller carried the 6 week old daughter of one of Dr. A’s favorite former students. Her father fell in love with PD who, in turn, fell in love with the stroller:

Friday Catblogging: Bathtub Boy

You’ve seen Paul Drake the sink walker, here he is relaxing in the bathtub:

That’s a whole lotta white, y’all. It looks like an Osmonds concert with shower curtains.

Are you ready for PD’s brand new theme song? Little Feat get the last word.

Tuesday Catblogging

It’s become clear to me that while you all are somewhat here for the cursing and cock jokes and thirst pictures of politicians, you also demand quality cat content. Here’s Ada, the prettiest kitty-witty in the entire universe:


Sunday Catblogging: Look at These Two Dumb Butts

Spring has sprung in the neighborhood and there are birds everywhere so Thing One and Thing Two here are constantly tearing through the house going window to window to chase them from inside because they are the dumbest cats alive.


Friday Catblogging: That Friday Feeling

One week ago today, Dr. A posted these pictures side-by-side on social media. Are you ready for Della on the tower of terror and a sink walking PD? Good. You have no choice.

Friday Catblogging: Belly Up

Paul Drake fancies himself a doorman:

Friday Catblogging: Things Are Looking Up

We were trying to get Della and Paul to look in the same direction but you know what they say about herding cats.

Friday Catblogging: Open & Shut Case

The only things that are open and shut in this side-by-study are Paul Drake’s eyes. BUT he’s named for a famous fictional detective so he’s always on the case.

Friday Catblogging: Buddies

Della Street and Paul Drake have their issues but most of the time they get along well. One thing they agree on is that the space heater is awesome.