The Sunday Tweet: Jesus, Guns, & Babies Edition

This may turn into a regular feature, or it may fall by the wayside. The fates have yet to reveal themselves or some such shit.

Kandiss Taylor is a wingnut Republican running for Governor of Georgia. Former Senator David Perdue has the Impeached Insult Comedian’s support, but Kandiss Taylor seems to have the QAnon lady’s backing. I cannot find a record of a formal endorsement, but Marjorie Taylor Greene has made appearances with Kandiss. I was hoping they were related but I couldn’t find a family tie. Perhaps I should consult with Skip Gates.

Kandiss Taylor *is* endorsed by nutty Trumpers Lin Wood and Mike Lindell. That’s right, the My Pillow Guy is in her corner. I wonder if he helped pay for the snazzy tour bus.

Kandiss? What kind of spelling is that? I’ve known Candaces and Candices but never a Kandiss. I guess I shouldn’t diss her name…

Speaking of Candices, Candice Bergen was trending the other day on the Tweeter Tube. She’s 75 so I was afraid she’d kicked the bucket. It was *another* Candice Bergen. This one is a rightwing Canadian politician who supports the occupation of Ottawa. Freedom, man, eh.

I don’t know if anyone calls Dr. Taylor Kandy but it’s a possibility. The last word consists of two Candy songs by Magnetic Fields and Iggy Pop:

Keep your shirt on, Iggy. Why am I asking the impossible? I’m not sure if Iggy owns any shirts.

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  1. In yet another one of those Evelyn Woods incidents, where reading blocks of texts as opposed to individual words, individually, is not necessarily optimal, or Eiron, the Goddess of Irony, passing gas: the first time I saw that I didn’t see “Kandiss.”

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