World Targets In Megadeaths

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I’m sureRep. Hunter would correct me and insist not Megadeaths…maybe Kilodeaths, since he’s only advocating “tactical” nukes.

Of course, his itching to use nuclear weapons in the first place should be all the proof you need that he’s bugfuck insane, not that our intrepid media will point that out (unless they can “balance” it with an allegedly outrageous quote from, say, Alan Grayson).

Oh, and while I don’t know if Hunter gets conniptions about fluoridated water, he sure doesn’t mind some classic stereotyping, insisting that “in Middle Eastern Culture,” lying is “looked upon with high regard.” No word on whether he also let on that Jewish people make awesome bankers, African Americans can dance like nobody’s business, and Irish are notorious skinflints…

7 thoughts on “World Targets In Megadeaths

  1. Michael, Michael! Get yer stereotypes straight. Scots are the skinflints and Irish are drunks, mkay?

  2. Your fix is noted. Thanks. In my defense, it was early and I’d been drinking last night.
    Did I mention I’m about half Irish? Guess I was also about half hung over…

  3. Perhaps we could get Rep Hunter to play the rôle of Major “King” Kong and have him take a tactical ride and go toe to toe with the Mooslims ’cause he’s got some flyin’ to do.

  4. Moral argument has always been that nukes are so horrific that they must not be allowed to proliferate. We can’t allow anyone to have nukes who might detonate them.
    To enforce that, we’re gonna nuke Iran.

  5. I resent that comment about Scots!
    Also, lend us a couple of bob till Thursday. I’m absolutely skint. But I’m expecting a postal order and I can pay you back as soon as it comes. Love,

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