If You Want To Keep ThePlan Lemon You Have

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After all, if you’re not actually going to drive it, why not buy a Yugo?

Bonus joke: Why did Yugos have rear window heaters/defrosters? To keep your hands warm while you pushed.

Anyway, while myonly-slightly-less-disappointing-Senator’s proposal is…actually not god-awful terrible, given the circumstances, it’s still worth noting that the “plans” everyone is suddenly so keen on saving…are the Yugos of private health insurance…NOT Fords, Representative Blackburn.

The only thing they “provided” was a relatively modest revenue stream to insurance companies — companies that make protection rackets almost look honorable, as anyone who’s ever been jacked around, by, oh, for example, Mutual of Fucking Omaha-and-for-that-matter-anyone-and-anything-else-for-a-few-extra-nickels-on-the-bottom-line can confirm. Watching this sudden spate of concern for these bottom feeders really is rich.

3 thoughts on “If You Want To Keep ThePlan Lemon You Have

  1. Mark — re: Landrieu’s proposal, it’s…not god-awful terrible (Kos says the same, more or less), and yes, the politics are good — put the ball back in wingnuttia’s court (with the bonus of letting Landrieu campaign both for and against Obamacare, I guess)…
    Anyway, and I guess I could have/should have written this in the post, but…in more general terms, isn’t “personal responsibility” a wingnut mantra? I mean, aren’t our intrepid individualists already comparison shopping for insurance on a regular basis, diligently looking for the very best deal they can make as individual agents in control of their own destiny and without the need for no big gubmit-one-size-fits-all socialist nightmare that’s Obamacare?
    Um…that’s irony/satire, of course.
    But — consider: a major component of wingnut messaging IS personal responsibility. It’s behind their zeal to privitize Social Security, for instance. And yet, they’re now demanding the right to…be lazy and keep what’s in essence junk insurance because they can’t be bothered to…take personal responsibility and decide among a range of options available to anyone logging on to the website? Christ…
    By the way, while I’m presently insured through employment — like most other people, i.e., we get to BE lazy — anyway, just for eff’s sake I went to the healthcare.gov website. No, I didn’t try to register, but I did get to the point where I could compare any available plan in my area…and there are a lot. While I’m sure actually registering/applying is a hassle, the basic prep work of comparing isn’t, and already that’s better than what was in place before, i.e., either junk insurance or no insurance if you, say, had a pre-existing condition…

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