4 thoughts on “Dick Jokes

  1. And Holy Moral Joe was among the most dickish of all of them, saying how wonderful it was that they were greasing their guts with Plaza hotel food instead of being in prison for war crimes.
    This was the guy who stood up in the well of the Senate and denounced the President for trying to hide a blow job, but… he’s all for torturing people and waging aggressive war without any legal consequence.
    Historians of the futurewill note when sifting through the detritus of the early 21st century that the United States, in a little over fifty years, went from the country that codified law on war crimes at Nuremberg to the country that most should have been on trial for them. And, Holy Joe, The Great Defender of Decency, will be remembered for his role in that transformation.
    If hypocrisy were a crime, Joe’d be serving life without parole.

  2. Joe also went from at least a variant on Medicare for all (if I remember right, a buy-in at age 55) to absolutely no way, no how, no where when it was proposed as a compromise in 2009. Thanks, Asshole Joe.
    And to add an Asshat to Asshole, Lieberman refused to hold hearings on Team Bush’s Mother of All Fuckups post-Katrina, post-Flood. Guess I’m swearing a bit, but if anyone deserves to be sworn at, it’s him.
    I remember Joe being called the single bright spot for the Democrats in the 1988 election. Wow, if only we could go back in time. I’d gladly trade Joe for Lowell Weiker…

  3. I get that often when one is guilty of something, they try to ease their guilt by joking about it (elementary school kids are masters at this).
    But to make it a formal dinner, press in attendance, etc. just seems so completely devoid of any sort of moral awareness.
    Of course, the puppeteers for GWB had a lot of past Reagan aides and are active in “Think Tanks” which are shallow tax dodges / shills for the GOP. And the same folks orchestrating the current financial crisis while posting all over the place about how Obama hasn’t had a budget (ignoring that the lack of a budget goes back to before Obama.)

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