What a weird, wild and even wonderful day it was on the foreign affairs front. There’s been some debate as to whether John Kerry’s comments about Syria relinquishing its chemical weapons was a gaffe, an ad-lib or a Hail Mary pass but it *may* be leading to a breakthrough.

As one of those people who likes neither the idea of air strikes nor seeing the Assad clan/gang/guvmint get away with gassing its own people, I’m glad that the Obama administration is seriously looking into this diplomatic alternative. It’s an unexpected development: it’s been a long time since the Russians did anything but stir the pot and cause trouble but the Syrians *are* their clients and they’re the ones who have the relationships to pull a disarmament rabbit out of their hat. It’s also been a long time since I wrote such a long damn sentence…

Vladimir Putin: peacemaker? It’s surreal but weirder things have happened in the last 30 years so ya never know. It’s going to be fascinating to watch this play out.

One thought on “Lifeline

  1. Stongly Agreed.
    A lot has to be worked out (what does being under the control of the international community mean, …) I hate the idea of there not being any penalty to those who released the gas. Is this a serious offer or just trying to delay? etc. etc.
    But when it comes to politics, this is an interesting idea that deserves consideration.
    One thing, though, that I haven’t understood all along. With the USA military propaganda for well over a decade preaching that we have missles that can pick a fly off the back of a cow, the perception has been built that we should be able to hit strategic targets in Syria (or elsewhere) as easy as pie.
    Of course, I understand that even the strikes shown for propaganda were sometimes missles hitting the wrong target. I understand that this wouldn’t preclude other countries from targeting us. etc.
    Seems like a classic trap in the military to is to claim ultimate power and ability only a few years later to suffer from their prior claims.

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