It’s all over but the Yellen

No, the shutdown hostage crisis continues. I halfway expect someone to hold a seance to commune with Ayatollah Khomeini andSadegh Ghotbzadeh since they’d be more reasonable than the teahadists.

I’m referring to President Obama’s historic appointment ofJanet Yellen to head the Fed. Senator Aqua Buddha is likely already planning to filibuster the nomination and demand the abolition of the central bank.

Actually, the Yellen has just begun…

2 thoughts on “It’s all over but the Yellen

  1. I’m not entirely following you here.
    Agree fully that Khomeini would be more reasonable.
    My understanding was that there were two folks on the “A list” Both were highly qualified and were both respected on both sides of the aisle (although the type of experience they brought to the table was different).
    So is there a legitimate reason for Aqua Buddah to filibuster (other than it is a nominee from Obama and that Yellen’s experience is more with the Fed while the other guy had more indications of being too business friendly )?
    I get that many of the Tea Baggers want to dissolve the Fed Reserve, Department of Education, Natl endowment for the Arts, etc. I get that the Alex Jones crowd see the Fed as turning the financial industry as unnecessary regulation (who needed the stability of the Fed during the Too Big To Fail?) and, dare I say the highly predjudiced turning the economy over to the Jews and intentionally causing the Great Depression as well as other depressions. But that is just so fringe.

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