‘lots of things are the law and then we change them’

Yes, George.

We change them. Either through the legal system and various court challenges, or by taking votes to change laws that no longer work or are no longer the prevailing view of the country.

Which is not what’s happening here.

Republicans have tried to change the law in all these ways. They lost. And that’s why Democrats are saying, um, guys, you challenged this a million ways and you failed to strike it down, so let it go.

That’s the critical distinction here. We have ways of changing laws and NONE OF THEM are this. Unless George Will is actually saying the Civil War was a good method of conflict resolution upon which the nation should model government going forward, in which case for God’s sake, will somebody get his meds under control?

And why the fuck was NPR interviewing this guy anyway? Did no one else answer the phone?


7 thoughts on “‘lots of things are the law and then we change them’

  1. Oh, yeah, another Civil War is exactly what we need. What will satisfy these people? Another presidential assassination?

  2. I’ll point out the obvious which you already know.
    When Obama was re-elected, a lot of people started talking about secceeding. Some prominent Texas politicians talk similar. Recently I overheard a news blurb that a couple of places in northern California had voted to leave the state.
    Of course, no mention of how the Civil War worked out the first time. No talk of even if Texas could leave the union, how much it would loose in federal funds, etc.
    And how sad the irony that the same folks talking about leaving the union are the same folks who take the platform on how they are the real patriot Americans.

  3. @Brooklyn: I’m about to write something that I think frequently but rarely verbalize. I am astonished that nobody has tried to kill the President. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it won’t take something as horrendous as that to end the insanity on the right.

  4. a) nothing will end the insanity on the right, except elections of non-insane politicians. I.e., the insane politicians are no longer office holders. That ends the insanity, as much as it can be ended.
    b) Bill Moyers has already, rightly I think, identified this as “secession by other means.” One might almost think it was hard-wired into the national social and political culture, that every so often we have to try something like this. The first occurred at just over 80 year in; maybe the third won’t be for another 200 years. But it’s beginning to look like a pattern…

  5. Well, NPR has been a FOX NEWS lite right wing propaganda catapult for the past 20 years, why would they stop now?

  6. Maybe George needs to watch the Schoolhouse Rock segment on “I’m Just A Bill.” Probably should have someone on hand to go over the bigger words with him, just so he doesn’t get confused.
    Is “majority rules” really such a hard concept for poor George?

  7. It would be OK to have Will on if the questions and the follow up when he doesn’t answer the questions were smart and tough. But he was allowed to bloviate unchallenged. Meh. But, yeah, prolly no one else answered their phone.

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