Those Who Run The Numbers and Decide It’s Time to Dynamite Everything

A reminder from the American Conservative that it’s not just the Tea Party that is contemptible here:

You hear this a lot lately inside the Beltway: “Oh, those crazy Tea Party types. Their heart is in the right place.They justdon’t understand tactics!


But are they any worse than the self-styled savvy operatives who lick their chops at the prospect ofeffectivehostage-taking? Or, if I may employ atorture-era metaphor that Thiessen will appreciate, the prospect of crushing Obama’s testicles? Or threatening to waterboard the global financial system, perhaps?

Right? Are they any better than the mealy-mouthed “moderate” Republicans we’re constantly told — by the few media outlets brave enough to identify Republicans as the authors of this mess — are just waiting in the wings, unable to defy 30-some nutballs in their own goddamn party? What about all of them? They’ve decided to hitch their wagons just as decidedly to the teawad star as the teawads have themselves, by not stopping this when they could.

What I noticed about Obama’s speech yesterday was how he framed Boehner’s problem accurately as Boehner’s problem. Look, you got a bunch of crazies in one apartment of this building that you own, making the whole thing look all gross and run-down because of how they keep hanging their laundry outside and selling “vitamins” out of their car trunks and not picking up after they have parties. There’s asmell, man, come on. And curb your goddamn dog.

But that depends on believing that Boehner really, really wants this to end, and really is in a tough spot, and really is weak. That depends on believing that Boehner and many other elected members of the Republican party (because that’s all the teawads are, because they all voted the same way until now) really can’t doanything in the face of all this disaster. That depends on believing that Boehner, in allowing useless Obamacare defunding bill after ueseless Obamacare defunding bill to come to the floor for a vote, in not getting shit under control well before this, really was just a poor fellow out of his depth.

I think that’s giving Boehner just a little more credit than he deserves. I think that’s giving the rest of the Republican party more credit than it deserves. Sure, there are a few dozen of them that want the government shut down and the economy in default over this.

There are many more who simply didn’t want a basically Republican health care plan to allow people to get health insurance and they fought it every way they could. And at least 18 of them, who could stop this nonsense now, who could have stopped it yesterday, are sitting on their asses, drinking in the cloakroom, thinking about how objectively this might still play out in their favor if they just let the country suffer a little while longer.

Like Scott Galupo up there, I’m not exactly sure how they’re less worthy of contempt than the egregiously stupid teawad contingent, which at least is driven by genuine belief, however mad.