Wag The Dog Incoherently

11 days ago Donald Trump said he wanted to be out of Syria within a matter of months. Tonight American, British, and French forces bombed Syria. I guess that earlier statement is, to quote Nixon flack Ron Ziegler, inoperative. All week long the fog of scandal has enveloped the White House. The Michael Cohen investigation in New York may prove to be more devastating to Trump than anything Team Mueller can come up with. And now the president* is bombing Syria after a chemical weapons attack that his inability to keep his mouth shut may have caused. It’s bad enough … Continue reading Wag The Dog Incoherently

Democrats Who Voted for SAFE Act are Cowards & Traitors

Once upon a time:  What I want to know, what I want to know, is what in the world so many Democrats are doing supporting the President’s unilateral intervention in Iraq? What I want to know, is what in the world so many Democrats are doing supporting tax cuts which have bankrupted this country and given us the largest deficit in the history of the United States? What I want to know, is why the Congress is fighting over the Patient’s Bill of Rights?  If the Patient’s Bill of Rights passes, is a good bill, but not one more person … Continue reading Democrats Who Voted for SAFE Act are Cowards & Traitors

Not Everything Sucks, Guys

In the midst of civil war, Syrians saved seeds:  Even as the area around the genebank fell under the control of two competing armed groups and the remaining staff reckoned with several kidnappings, they managed to backup 80 percent of the center’s collection in Svalbard. The last shipment arrived at Svalbard in March 2014—nearly two years after Amri and much of the rest of the international staff had relocated to Rabat, Morocco. Last month, the Centerwon the Gregor Mendel Innovation Prize—coveted among plant breeders—for its rescue and preservation of the genebank. And amazingly, the Aleppo site continues to be operational. … Continue reading Not Everything Sucks, Guys

Malaka Of The Week: Peter King

I’m talking about the Congressman from Guyland, not the Monday Morning Quarterback guy. The former is the only one I want to take my first name back from. Peter King is one of the leading GOP neo-cons still left standing in the so-called era of the brogressive Senator Aqua Buddha. Yet, the MSM insists on calling him a moderate. Then again, they still persist in calling Senator John McCain (R-Warloverstan) a moderate despite his manfiold immoderate positions. Rep. King is once again demanding that the United States immediately bomb the shit out of a Middle Eastern country, and he’s become … Continue reading Malaka Of The Week: Peter King

Quote Of The Day: Chickenhawk Edition

Have I mentioned how much I love Dan Rather recently? Here’s one reason why he’s my main man: My first question to anyone who is on television saying, “We have to get tough, we need to put boots on the ground and we need to go to war in one of these places” is, I will hear you out if you tell me you are prepared to send your son, your daughter, your grandson, your granddaughter to that war of which you are beating the drums. If you aren’t, I have no patience with you, and don’t even talk to … Continue reading Quote Of The Day: Chickenhawk Edition

Unsolicited Op-ed Advice

Vladimir Putin’s dickish op-ed for the NYT has also been published by the Guardian. I have confidence that No Drama Obama will NOT react by shitting himself like Bob Menendez or Senator Walnuts. It’s not his style, after all. We already knew that Putin is a gaping asshole of epic proportions and this article merely confirms his malakatude. Here’s my unsolicited, and hopefully unnecessary, advice: ignore the bad stuff and focus on the positives. Putin is now on record as wanting to control Syria’s chemical weapons and keep them away from people who might gas Russians. In short, the President … Continue reading Unsolicited Op-ed Advice


What a weird, wild and even wonderful day it was on the foreign affairs front. There’s been some debate as to whether John Kerry’s comments about Syria relinquishing its chemical weapons was a gaffe, an ad-lib or a Hail Mary pass but it *may* be leading to a breakthrough. As one of those people who likes neither the idea of air strikes nor seeing the Assad clan/gang/guvmint get away with gassing its own people, I’m glad that the Obama administration is seriously looking into this diplomatic alternative. It’s an unexpected development: it’s been a long time since the Russians did … Continue reading Lifeline


Oh for fuck’s sake: Look. Raise serious objections to action in Syria. There are about a hundred of reasonable ones: That this isn’t our job, that we don’t really know what this is, that we have no solid objective, that we’re kind of cash-strapped here at the moment, that continuing to dick the Middle East around helps no one, that we could wind up here for years, that even if we don’t again MONEY, etc. There are about a hundred reasonable ways, even for a Republican, to object to everything that Kerry is saying. But here comes this assclown: “The … Continue reading Shorter Big John: HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS

We’ve Seen This Movie and Spoiler Alert, IT SUCKED

No boyfriend jokes this time: “In the event Syria imploded, for instance or in the event there was a threat of a chemical weapons cache falling into the hands of somebody else and it was clearly in the interest of our allies — all of us, the British, the French, and others. I don’t want to take off the table an option that might or might not be available to the President of the United States to secure our country,” Kerry told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, debating whether to authorize President Barack Obama’s punitive strike in response to a … Continue reading We’ve Seen This Movie and Spoiler Alert, IT SUCKED

Me and Ed Markey

I’ve been quiet about the Syria mess because I’m genuinely conflicted, undecided, and all that stuff. This isn’t Iraq since there’s a war already going on and international sources have been reporting Syrian use of chemical weapons for months. I’m not sure what good bombing will do but it’s possible that strikes could inhibit the Assad gang/clan/government from using chemical weapons again. In short, I’m glad that I don’t have to vote on this matter since it’s a close call. That brings me to the veteran House member and newly elected Senator Ed Markey who voted “present” in committee because … Continue reading Me and Ed Markey