The Brat Fatale Speech: Deluded, Dishonest Or Dumb?  

The Vedas: Ann Blyth, Krysten Sinema, Evan Rachel Wood.

I dislike writing about the antics of the Sinematic Senator but yesterday’s speech left me no choice.  Veda Pierce Sinema took to the Senate floor to give a speech that was alternately deluded and dishonest. I would prefer to think she was lying about the process. I hate to think that any Democratic senator is that dumb.

It’s as if the Arizona Brat Fatale read Norm Ornstein’s recent piece about filibuster myths and learned all the wrong lessons from it. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

KTAR News Radio in Phoenix has posted a transcript of the Brat Fatale Speech. We begin with her ode to the voting rights bills. Let’s begin our exercise in quote and response.

And I strongly support and will continue to vote for legislative responses to address these state laws – including the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, that the Senate is currently considering.

I support these bills because they strengthen Americans’ access to the ballot box and they better ensure that Americans’ votes are counted fairly – it is through elections that Americans make their voices heard, select their representatives, and guide the future of our country and our communities.

She supports bills that cannot pass because of the 60-vote threshold. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that someone who fancies herself a fashion plate would value style over substance. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

The debate over the Senate’s 60-vote threshold shines a light on our broader challenges.

There is no need for me to restate my long-standing support for the 60-vote threshold to pass legislation. There’s no need for me to restate its role protecting our country from wild reversals in federal policy.

She’s an elected official: repetition is the essence of communication. It’s a lame excuse for not explaining her position with clarity. Besides, she was against the filibuster before she was for it. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

American politics are cyclical and the granting of power in Washington, D.C. is exchanged regularly by the voters from one party to another.

This shift of power back and forth means the Senate’s 60-vote threshold has proved maddening to members of both political parties in recent years – viewed either as a weapon of obstruction, or a safety net to save the country from radical policies, depending on whether you serve in the majority or the minority.

In 2021, obstructionism is a Republican thing. Hell, it’s been that way since Bob Dole committed his caucus to oppose any health care reforms proposed by the Clinton administration. Of course, Dole’s move was deeply cynical, not deluded, dishonest, or dumb.

The 2013 decision by Senate Democrats to eliminate the 60-vote threshold for most judicial and presidential nominations led directly to a response in 2017 by Senate Republicans, who eliminated the threshold for Supreme Court nominees.

These short-sighted actions by both parties have led to our current American Judiciary and Supreme Court, which, as I stand here today, is considering questions regarding fundamental rights Americans have enjoyed for decades.

This is one of the few times that the Sinematic Senator has criticized both sides. Maybe she’s angling for a regular column at Politico. Deluded, dishonest, or dumb?

I share the disappointment of many that we have not found more support on the other side of the aisle for legislative responses to state-level voting restrictions.

I wish that were not the case – just as I wish there had been a more serious effort on the part of Democratic Party leaders to sit down with the other party and genuinely discuss how to re-forge common ground on these issues.

Joe Manchin wasted months trying to convince Republicans to support *his* ideas about voting rights. The only possible taker was the most honest member of the GOP caucus Lisa Murkowski who is a genuine maverick as opposed to a fake one like Veda Pierce Sinema.

I don’t need to pose the Three Ds question this time. D is for dishonesty.

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I want it all and I want it now

I’m really out of sorts and anxious these days, and I’m kind of angry about it, to be honest. We just spent 4 years being terrified of what TFG and Mitch McConnell would do and although I’m not as fearful as I was then, I am still pretty fucking anxious. I know that big legislation takes time and negotiation and posturing, and that politics is the art of the possible. But watching the Democrats put Joe Manchin’s and Kisten Sinema’s faces on milk cartons so they can start talking is making me anxious. There’s a year left before the election … Continue reading I want it all and I want it now

Of Bathrooms & Moral Panics

“Horace, fetch me the Fainting Couch, this instant!”

One of the many things that kind of drives me batty about our current society is how we really are good at misplacing our priorities. For an example, look no further than last weekend’s women’s room confrontation between Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema and a progressive activist group Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) over the Reconciliation Bill, aka Joe Biden’s Agenda.

I’ll start by saying filming someone in a bathroom is not something I think is a good idea for various reasons, not the least of which is the collateral damage of someone who might just be in there to answer nature’s call and are not expecting to be a bystander in the current reconciliation bill fight. Maybe wait outside for her. And to be truly fair, Sinema could have said “please give me a minute, I can come out and answer a few of your questions.”

That said, the pearl-clutching that ensued was both frustrating and entirely predictable. It was reminiscent of the June 2018 Sarah Huckabee Sanders incident, where the Red Hen restaurant owner asked her to leave, based on her, well, let’s see…oh yes, blatant lying and supporting the tyrannical nut job we had for a president. Trump had pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal the previous month and the controversy over the appalling child separation at the border was in full bloom, but Sarah the Liar not being able to get past the cheese course before getting the heave-ho was the deep deep focus of the DC punditry. “Civility!” cried the columnists before collapsing on the Fainting Couch.

“Civility!” is the battle cry now, as it was then, and before. But civility often doesn’t get the job done and is used by more powerful interests to shut people down. Just look at ACT UP, the LGBTQ rights group that used some loud tactics to get people to give half a damn about AIDS during the 80s. ACT UP members were frustrated that their loved ones were dying and how it was being ignored by people in power. They weren’t being heard. Did they get results? Just ask a certain famous doctor.

See, these tactics that have the pearl clutchers rolling around on the Fainting Couch likely wouldn’t happen if the targets would do the thing that requires the least amount of effort: listening. Sinema has been rather fastidious at not listening to her constituents. She’s quite good at it. An activist posted on Twitter that following her into a bathroom was an act of desperation:

Twitter post describing how Sinema has continually ignored requests for meetings

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Clinton (Consultant) Needs to Go Away

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The Gods Lift Those Who Lift Each Other

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Let Me Make This Easy for You, Democrats

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What Are You Looking At?

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It Can’t Be Said Often Enough: Trump Was Not a Surprise

Not if you’d been paying attention in any way:  A 2006 report by the Institute for Policy Studies found that, in 2005, CEOs of the largest U.S. private defense contractors continued to profit from the ongoing wars. Defense CEO pay was 44 times that of a military general with 20 years of experience and 308 times that of an Army private in 2005. Generals made $174,452 and Army privates made $25,085, while average defense CEO pay was $7.7 million. In contrast to wealthy individuals who became even wealthier, those who were sent to do the actual fighting comprised disproportionately high … Continue reading It Can’t Be Said Often Enough: Trump Was Not a Surprise

I’m Done With All Your Hillary and Bernie Feelings, Internet

TED CRUZ WANTS TO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE. Genuinely, I think he does. I think he wants to bring about the end times. I think he is living in a comic book and none of the rest of us are real to him. Marco Rubio is six years old and he keeps thinking if he talks faster and louder it will make him sound smarter. Debate moderators ask him why his own people think he sucks, and he yells about his Lord and Savior. Jeb Bush once ruined an entire family’s life just to make points with the Jesus freaks … Continue reading I’m Done With All Your Hillary and Bernie Feelings, Internet

Are You Proud Now, America?

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Poll Worship & The Louisiana Silly Season

I hate articles about polls. There’s way too much poll worship in the world and when the polls are wrong, as they were in the U.K. general election, people freak out. It’s part and parcel of worshiping a false deity. Poll worship is wreaking havoc on national politics right now with the candidate trying to be the first insult comedian elected President leading the GOP field. The polls also show a backbench Independent Senator from Vermont doing surprisingly well in the politically quirky Granite State. All you need to know about that is that New Englanders often win that primary *and* that they love … Continue reading Poll Worship & The Louisiana Silly Season

Your Own Self-Interest

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I Do Not Mourn The New Republic

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