I Do Not Mourn The New Republic

Mostly because of shit like this: 

Now the left-leaning weekly has admitted that it was wrong to have backed the war based on the administration’s claims that Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction.

“We feel regret, but no shame. . . . Our strategic rationale for war has collapsed,” says an editorial hammered out after a contentious, 3 1/2-hour editors’ meeting.

“I wanted the editorial to be honest not just about the war and other people’s mistakes but our mistakes,” Editor Peter Beinart says. “We felt we had a responsibility to look in the mirror.”

You know what would have been better than apologizing, Petey? NOT SUPPORTING A WAR THAT LED TO ALL THOSE DEAD PEOPLE, because they don’t care about your fucking feelings, and boring on about your personal growth and how strong you are to consider your own failings is pretty much an invitation to throw rotten fruit at you in the street.

You had a responsibility to look in the mirror? Where was that responsibility when you were writing things like this: 

The unhappy truth is that, if the Bush administration wins the war but betrays the peace, the political consequences for the president will be small. Once the fighting is over, the American press will turn its attention elsewhere, just as it has in post-Taliban Afghanistan. But the consequences for hawkish liberalism will be great. Having been played for fools, most liberal hawks will retreat to a deep skepticism of American power. They will end up on the decent, feckless left–in the company of those who sincerely condemn men such as Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam but have no strategy for toppling them except empty exhortations to people power. And that soft isolationism will likely retake the Democratic Party.

Support Daddy’s fantastic new war or you’ll look like pussies in the long run, fellas. And then nobody will be there to save the peoples of the world from themselves by dropping lots of freedom bombs!

(By the by, the only reason the president’s political consequences were “small” was that THE POLITICAL PRESS OF WHICH YOU ARE A MEMBER decided holding Bush accountable would be awkward and rude. Don’t act like things just happen when it’s your hand on the cookie press, asshole.)

So that’s the magazine I’m supposed to be all aflutter about now becoming just another morass of buzzwords and quizzes, a purveyor of We Supported Triangulating Bullshit and You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next type of stories? Boy, will I miss its historical seriousness and the journalistic guts it took to cheerlead for a war based on nothing. This is a dark day for news indeed.


3 thoughts on “I Do Not Mourn The New Republic

  1. Ah, well, these lamentations are just part of the self-hagiography that’s been one of the magazine’s most prominent features for many decades. Much like the Democratic Party, it’s been running on a reputation that’s gotten pretty threadbare by now.

    Ever since the days of Walter Lippman, the magazine has had, at best, a sort of elitist, drawing-room centrism about it, while masquerading as an organ of the left and, at its worst, as a very nasty sort of personal megaphone for Marty Peretz. That it’s now become the personal toy of yet another Phillips Andover cum Harvard cum Facebook “entrepreneur” isn’t a surprise. It was an inevitability.

  2. i never tried the new republic. i cling to my old washington monthly issues. i may be a fire-breathing democrat, but i am more a wonk. so i can’t care.

  3. Okay, sure millions of people were killed or maimed, billions of dollars were wasted, and the place is about 100 times worse off than it was before W.’s excellent military adventure (But boy oh boy, didn’t he look swell strutting around on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln?). Who could have possibly known, though? If only there had been some responsible opposing voices, we surely would have lent them some credence, you know? Or maybe if there had been some people marching in the streets, like the good old days. Not a peep, though. Everyone we at TNR talked to totally agreed this was just the brilliantest idea ever.

    And now you want to get all critical and stuff? Bring up the wasted lives, bodies, nations and money? Think for just a minute how terrible it’s going to make the big cheeses at TNR feel? Monster!

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