I want it all and I want it now

I’m really out of sorts and anxious these days, and I’m kind of angry about it, to be honest. We just spent 4 years being terrified of what TFG and Mitch McConnell would do and although I’m not as fearful as I was then, I am still pretty fucking anxious.

I know that big legislation takes time and negotiation and posturing, and that politics is the art of the possible. But watching the Democrats put Joe Manchin’s and Kisten Sinema’s faces on milk cartons so they can start talking is making me anxious. There’s a year left before the election and there is still other work that has to be done on voting rights, and that is going to take several months too.

I call Manchin’s office every week, and usually have to leave a message. I ask him why he can’t just help the people of this state. I tell him I honestly don’t understand how hungry, sick, poor, underemployed people aren’t part of the reason he’s in the Senate. All of this is made worse because I follow my home state senators, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, on Twitter, and they—Murphy especially—are so reasonable, sensible, and people-focused. I know my calls to Manchin don’t mean a damn thing to him, but at least I’m on the record.

I’m disappointed that there are so many Democrats who are so timid about fixing this country. Joe Manchin is just a lightning rod for a bunch of his fellow senators and some House reps who hide behind his metaphorical skirts. I know that the voting public is a center left electorate. I know that presidents make huge proposals that they expect to be trimmed down (the art of the possible at work), and that major legislation takes a long time to come together, so this is normal, but I still want more.

(Part of the reason there isn’t going to be more, is because of the weird quasi-contract that Manchin and Chuck Schumer secretly drew up over the summer. It’s a very puzzling document but Luppe B. Luppen, aka @nycsouthpaw on Twitter, has started a series that is worth your time.)

And the other problem I have is at I want it NOW!!! I have gone full Veruca Salt, it’s true. (And this reminds me that I still want to officially rename our girl kitty from Rey to Veruca. We named her as a shy quiet kitten who was the runt of the litter. As she matured she is a tiny beauty who has plenty of sounds to express her desire for all of it and all of it now!)

I am SO TIRED of waiting for the advisors to TFG to get perp walked off to jail for refusing to respond to a subpoena. And I know that there are politics embedded in the law in cases like this, and that because of that things have to move slowly. But damnit, these people need to start answering questions!

As I was thinking about songs about waiting, this fantastic song I forgot about came to me, and so Hall and Oates will sing us out:


2 thoughts on “I want it all and I want it now

  1. We’re actually not all that impatient. Indeed, when you consider the following two things, we’re actually quite reasonable. 1) Voters gave Dems the White House and Congress because they wanted two things: action and accountability. So far they’ve seen damned little of the former and none at all of the latter. 2) We don’t have until next November. Realistically, we’ve only got until February to get both infrastructure and voting-rights legislation passed before Dem voters start deciding to stay home in November. Those voters want to see a lot more done than what has been done to date or is likely to happen anytime soon.

    1. i think infrastructure will be done by the end of next month, which is a pretty quick timetable. the ACA took 2 years.

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