Unsolicited Op-ed Advice

Vladimir Putin’s dickish op-ed for the NYT has also been published by the Guardian. I have confidence that No Drama Obama will NOT react by shitting himself like Bob Menendez or Senator Walnuts. It’s not his style, after all. We already knew that Putin is a gaping asshole of epic proportions and this article merely confirms his malakatude.

Here’s my unsolicited, and hopefully unnecessary, advice: ignore the bad stuff and focus on the positives. Putin is now on record as wanting to control Syria’s chemical weapons and keep them away from people who might gas Russians. In short, the President should make like JFK during the Cuban Missile crisis and accentuate the positive and tune out the hawks and neo-cold warriors here in Murica. Hell, Khrushchev banged his shoe on a table at the UN, told us that the Commies would bury us, and we were still able to make a deal with him because it was in his interest.

We should all heed Johnny Mercer’s sage advice and ignore Senator Walnutsand leave him to his video poker app:

Der Bingle meets the Divine Miss M? There are times when I love the internets. This is one of them.

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Unsolicited Op-ed Advice

  1. The shoe story is in dispute too. In this instance, I agree with the character in Liberty Valance about printing the legend when it’s a better story than the facts. Holy garbled, paraphrase, Batman.

  2. But don’t you know that under the New Rules that if someone you’re not usually a political bed-fellow of says something you agree with, that means you totally love him and want to marry him and stuff. That’s the way it is with Rand Paul and his momentary condemnation of indiscriminate drone attacks, and that’s the way it must be for Vladimir Putin. If you like anything he said in the Times, you’re now his boyfriend 4-evah.
    ♪Adrastos and Vladimir sittin’ in a tree . . .♫
    And now we can never have an improvement in the situation in Syria, because it might make people think that Putin had something to do with it, and he might get credit for it.

  3. My guess is that Putin is enjoying the world attention for being a peace-maker and just trying to establish his brand. In my dreams, maybe Russia will enjoy the international reaction satisfying enough to turn a corner.
    Of course, Russians would have to be superhuman enough to forget their struggles with daily living. But hey, it is more realistic than Syria throwing Roses at our feet as we invade them (oops, mean Iraq. Wonder what Syria will throw at us.)
    About the video poker. Oddly the conservative press here didn’t report on that. At work, if someone is playing video games on company time that is terms for reprimand and dismissal.
    Not to mention, isn’t poker a game of gambling? Wonder how much (if anything) will be heard from Faux News on that.

  4. @Gratuitous: I know what you’re saying but Obama doesn’t have to play by those rules and I hope he and Big John don’t. We shall see.

  5. Just saw the “new” Crossfire (with such wonderful and thoughtful political thinkers as Gingrich), also a news blurb on the repubs reacting to Putin.
    Similar to what gratuitous posted tongue in cheek, the general consensus seems to be that we can’t pay attention to Putin because this is still the cold war / iron curtain.
    You’d think that at the least the repubs would remember St. Ronnie’s demand to “Tear Down this Wall” and that St. Ronnie single-handedly destroyed the iron curtain with only a pen knife (and what was that, like 30 years ago?).

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