2 thoughts on “Sending More Than Freedom Bombs

  1. A, forgive me for asking this so bluntly but is this legit? Is it sensible? I like what I see of the project as described but I have given in the past to groups which did not really work out well, even if they were run by well meaning individuals. What is your take on what they are doing? Where are they going to be buying the stuff they are delivering? As I understand it with international refugee aid you have to be planning to buy the stuff locally because the cost of shipping actual objects and gifts–say from a sister school partnership–is prohibitive and unreasonable. I am very interested in donating and supporting this project, which seems both modest and generous at the same time, but there’s nothing in the site which gives me confidence that there is any oversight of the project or any linkage with any group that might have oversight built in. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m not impugning the goals or the skills of your friend but the website just doesn’t offer the donor any sense that this “click here and donate” is monitored or guaranteed in any way. I think your friends need a name brand “board of directors” or a link to some organization that validates them. I’ll keep monitoring their site and see if some of my questions are answered there. I would absolutely like to donate.

  2. aimai, it’s certainly up to you whether you find the web site adequate to your needs, but I can tell you I know the women running the project and they’re legitimate. They’re also journalists and vet the people they work with very carefully.
    Contact information is here:
    I’d suggest sending them your questions directly.
    They’re partnered with Mercy Corps which is here:
    Hope that helps.

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