Pulp Fiction Thursday: The Desperate Hours

Yeah, I know that callingThe Desperate Hours pulp fiction is a bit of a stretch. It starred cinema icon and Oscar winner Humphrey Bogart. It co-starred one of the greatest actors of the day, 2-time Oscar winner, Fredric March. It also features Oscar winning character actor and Adrastos favorite, Arthur Kennedy. And it was directed by “prestige” director and Oscar winner, Willy Wyler. It is, however, about a home invasion with Bogie going all bad ass like some of his earlier characters such as Mad Dog Roy Earle and Duke Mantee. Hostage taking is in right now, y’all.

There was a remake in 1990. I never saw it. For one thing, I have a policy of avoiding movies with Mickey Rourke. For another, I hate remakes. Speaking of which, they’ve remadeCarrie? Really?

Here’s the lobby card:

The Desperate Hours 2

The Desperate Hours was based on a book by Joseph Hayes. I’ve never read it and am not terribly interested in doing so:


Back to the movie. Here’s the trailer:

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  1. I’m not sure I want to read a book that describes itself as “tense and terror-ridden” either. The cover is very pulp-y.

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