The Doctor Will See You Now

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Even the Houston Chronicle is having second thoughts about Ted — who, in the end, couldn’t resist a bit ofcheap grandstanding and ugly demogaugery.

Yesterday Paul Krugman wrote about something called “The Backfire Effect,” quoting journalist David McRaney: “When your deepest convictions are challenged by contradictory evidence, your beliefs get stronger,”

But what exactly are those convictions? With the wingers, it looks to be…pretty much straight up hatred. They barely bother with any of the standard conservative tropes — faster, better, cheaper, etc. Nope. They want to hurt others, even if it hurts themselves … or maybe they’re so delusional they think a general economic collapse won’t affect them.

Lord help us if they manage to get beyond hostage taking, which is bad enough…

5 thoughts on “The Doctor Will See You Now

  1. Nice try, Houston Chronicle. But your endorsement, like every citizen’s vote in our system, doesn’t come stuffed with caveats and reservations. It’s an all-or-nothing thing, and if your editorial board endorsing Cruz didn’t have an inkling that Rafael had this kind of anarchy in his soul, then maybe you should get out of the endorsement business for a while. Rafael hasn’t even been in office for one year; what are the next five going to be like? Thanks a fucking heap, Chronicle. You own a full share of this mess. How are you going to clean it up?

  2. Yeah, the Charlotte Observer is rethinking its 2012 endorsement of Pat McCrory for governor as well, and I’m all, “You idiots, the Lege was already full of teatards even before McCrory got elected and Koch money was behind him, and if you knew a GOT-damn thing about politics, you knew that McCrory [a quasi-moderate when mayor of Charlotte] would have to tack hard right or get primaried in 2016, so what in the pluperfect hell did you THINK would happen?”

  3. Amen Gratuituous. But I would have to say that while their early support seems to defy sanity (as Cruz was always a grandstanding Tea Bagger candidate), it seems to me a good thing for those papers making really bad endorsements in the past to stand up and admit their error.
    Plus, without Cruz, would we ever have verified the identity of Sam and why he seemed to be a drug kingpin for pushing Green Eggs and Ham?

  4. “They want to hurt others, even if it hurts themselves”
    Somewhat like suicide bombers, but without the real conviction, and the desperate circumstances are all in their heads. Not to disparage suicide bombers, either.

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