Malaka Of The Week: Ted Yoho Yahoo

First of all, I agree with everything A just posted about the uselessness and futility of the whole shutdown exercise. It’s essentially political dodgeball of a sort that not even Vince Vaughan would try. That brings me to this week “honoree” who is a bidnessman, fantasist, and delusional malaka, Ted Yoho Yahoo. Since I cannot possibly top what Charlie Pierce wrote about Ted Yoho Yahoo and everything he personifies, here’s the money quote:

The power rests with Ted Yoho because the castrato Speaker Of The House,
Boehner of Ohio, cares more about his job than he does about his
country. The power rests with Ted Yoho because the American political
system has tolerated carefully cultivated ignorance and carefully
tailored bigotry for far too long. Ted Yoho has been coming for years.
Ted Yoho was made inevitable by the NCPAC campaigns of the late 1970’s
and by the elevation of Ronald Reagan to the presidency in 1980 and,
subsequently, to an artificially exalted place in our history after he
left office. The Republican party revelled in all the forces that are
now tearing it apart.

And that is why Ted Yoho Yahoo is malaka of the week. He’s the quintessential ignorant and damn proud of it teahadist motherfucker. I hope he crawls back under the slimy rock from whence he came.

That concludes what the late Greg Peters would have surely called “lazy quoting from better writers” theatre.

2 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Ted Yoho Yahoo

  1. Wow! But so true about the carefully cultivated ignorance.
    Not to mention that I have a great fear that all today’s “agreement” where Boehner said they won 2 concessions to reduce the budget – and there is no way to go back and reverse that. This scares me greatly. One because it was so vague what the great concessions were (and how much is political rhetoric).
    But even more that all we’ve done is dodged the bullet for a couple of months. Come Jan/Feb we’ll have the same problem come up. And based on Congress’s record, we’ll just be in for more of the same. (Of course the repubs are hoping something will happen to change the playing field).

  2. What’s amazing is that this guy has been in the House a mere ten months, has the brains and the disposition of a boll weevil, likely struggles to balance his checkbook, and yet, the New York Times is looking for quotes from him.
    He’s one of those crackpots that America produces, but, in the past, kept carefully hidden in obscurity. Today, he gets a national venue to dispense his particular brand of lunacy.
    Talk about normalizing insanity.

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