Don’t Eat TheBrown Acid Monkey Brains. It’s A Bad Trip.

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But it’s too late. They’ve beeneating the monkey brains for a long, long time. Pierce:

What we see today is the prion disease manifesting itself in garish symptoms, but, as we mentioned yesterday, the country ate the monkey brains in 1980, when it allowed — nay, celebrated — Ronald Reagan’s spurious anecdotes as works of innate political genius.

Sad to say, I’m part of the generation that went whole hog…the generation that produced, interestingly, Barack Obama, but also Sarah Palin–and a host of people who, at an impressionable age, didn’t just drink but bathed in the Kool-Aid of “government always bad, government always bad, government a drag on the holy private sector.” Hell, some of my fellow government employees think that. The degree of disconnect astounds me.

Earlier this weekEd Kilgore (citing Bill Keller) called it Wingnut Woodstock. Which would be fine and good if it was just a bunch of ‘nuts getting their ya-ya’s out at some fly-over-state country club. But they’re fucking with the good name, not to mention full faith and credit of the United States…which could bring us all down in the ensuing maelstrom.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Eat TheBrown Acid Monkey Brains. It’s A Bad Trip.

  1. Do you suppose if we just patted them on their pointy little heads and praised the Republicans for what a fine mess they’ve made, they’d take that and call off this nonsense? There’s no strategy, no political point, no nothing here; it’s just viciousness dressed up in ideology. Even some of the talking chuckleheads in the popular media are getting fed up with the clown show.

  2. I suppose we could offer them the chance to kill some ferriners…but aside from it being, um, well, morally atrocious, I doubt that would really placate them. Tens if not hundreds of thousand of Iraqis and Afghans have been killed over the last decade or so…and it’s not exactly quelled their bloodlust.
    “Hatred” of government is pretty much seared onto their DNA. I use quotes because it’s less out and out hatred and more rage that “those people” expect to both be in SELF-government and expect services from self-government. I think there’s also a pretty heavy amount of projection — self-loathing individuals with little by way of brains or imagination acting out against something, and “big gubmit” is an easy target, especially when liberalism is now defined not by actual liberal LBJ, but Jimmy Carter, the original neo-liberal…

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