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So Sorry We’re Troubling You

So yeah, the Romneys are trying to“court women put off by the contraception debate,” according to the New York Times and, Oh My God. I’m so fucking sorry this debate makes some Republicans feel all icky.

You know what? There’s a cure for that. It’s called, keep your goddamned hands off our birth control and we’ll shut up about it.

Got that?

God. I’m so sick of you people. What the fuck is wrong with you? I’ll start being “angry about the entitlement debt that we’re leaving our children” when you stop trying to take away rights thelast generation burned their bras and marched in the streets to get for us.

The paternalistic pats on the head have been getting increasingly obvious over the past week. And I’ve got news for all of you: we’re not shutting up. This clock ain’t rolling back, people. It’s justnot happening. Got that? As long as state and federal governments ratchet up their attacks on women’s reproductive rights, we’re going to scream and holler about it.

So if you want it to stop, thenyou’re gonna have to be the ones to stop provoking us. Stop what you’re doing. It’s that simple. Jesus, how much more obvious can it be?

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