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Game Change Or, Now I Want To Claw My Eyeballs Out

We had a hockey game Saturday night and so we DVR’d “Game Change” and I’m just now watching it.

Lots has been written about it, mostly of the “I never thought I’d feel sorry for Sarah Palin” variety. I don’t feel sorry for her. I’m appalled, outraged and pissed off all over again! What the hell? The absolutelast emotion I feel for anyone involved in this debacle is sympathy. Holy shit, this woman didn’t know the basics of contemporary history, let alone the nuances of American foreign policy.

What really gets me is not that the McCain campaign foisted someome so unfamiliar with basic current affairs onto the national stage, but that she was made governor of the state of Alaska in the first place. How the hell did that even happen? I can see the McCain campaign deciding, “well, she’s governor of Alaska, so surely she’seducated, right? She can add two plus two, right?” They completely underestimated the vast dumbing-down of America that has occurred over the past 30 years.

And therein lies our problem. I look at the idiots in Tennessee’s state government and I see crackpots like Rep. Rick Womick, last seen peddlingJohn Birch Society black helicopter conspiracy theories in our state legislature. Somehow these clueless, uninformed blockheads become mayors and then state representatives and state senators and then governors, and before you know it, some desperate fuck decides to put them on a national ticket because it needs some sex appeal. And God help us if next time they get elected. That scares the crap out of me.

I realize this isn’t any earth-shattering revelation, but I feel like until we start expecting better from ourselves we’re not going to get anything better from our political leadership. This fish is rotting from the tail up.

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