On Mandatory Miscarriage Funerals

For my own sanity, I’ve been staying OUT of this election so far. I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to deal with this shit show. So last night when I stopped into the crack van (just to say hi, I wasn’t watching the debate) was the first I’d heard of Mike Pence’s stance on mandatory funerals for miscarried fetuses. Horrified, I mentioned a story then that I didn’t want to take over the crack van to explain, but I’ll tell it now. I went to Catholic high school during the early 2000s. George W Bush was newly-elected President, and … Continue reading On Mandatory Miscarriage Funerals

Parting the Red Sea

Uterus-not-havers, buckle up, cuz we talkin’ ’bout menstruation today. My first period happened when I was 11. Every roughly 20-26 days after that, I got to bleed for another 8. The first two nights I didn’t get to sleep because they did not make feminine hygiene products that could deal with the amount of blood I lost. My cramps were so bad that my choices were “knock self out with Excedrin” or “be screaming in pain” and I’m not actually exaggerating this time. I mention this because if there happened to be a math test on day 1 of “that … Continue reading Parting the Red Sea

Women’s voices matter

To begin: I am a woman teacher of introductory computer sciences. My two sections this semester haveĀ 150 students each. When I say there’s a “pretty good” gender balance, I mean it doesn’t take me too long to find women to make eye contact with while I’m lecturing. It’s definitely nowhere near 50-50, though. I had a student come into my office hours on Monday and mention, in passing, how intimidating it was that whenever I’d ask a question there were a bunch of male hands that would immediately jump into the air. “The guys already know all this,” she told … Continue reading Women’s voices matter