Cancel Culture Fighters Had Themselves Quite A Week

Cancel Culture warriors have demonstrated over the past few years that they are terrible at reading the room. For starters, one of the Big Moments in the cancel culture fight was the now rather infamous Harper’s Letter, published and signed by a group of elites, some of whom later regretted it, in the summer of 2020. Imagine during that particular summer, with the George Floyd protests, an increasingly obvious and growing threat to American democracy *being led by the occupant in the White House*, and general fear that maybe the pandemic was the end for us, that was your focus. … Continue reading Cancel Culture Fighters Had Themselves Quite A Week

The New York Times’ Obsession With Normalizing The Far Right Continues

The Trumper safaris are going to keep being published in the Paper of Record, apparently. The Old Grey Lady, as the New York Times is sometimes referred to, is in love and has been in love since 2016. By this I refer to the steady stream of empathetic pieces about the American far right. The latest love letter to their sweetest came in the form of a fairly glowing profile of the January 6 insurrectionists published on the front page of yesterday’s Sunday edition. Basically, the gist of the story is how inspiring January 6 was to the far right … Continue reading The New York Times’ Obsession With Normalizing The Far Right Continues

Welcome To The Party, Pal

He won’t get the nomination, this is a joke campaign. He won’t win the nomination.  America would never elect someone like Trump. He’ll have to change, the office of the presidency will change him.  Tonight he became president.  He’s pivoting (at least a dozen times over four years). He’ll just disappear once he loses. His supporters are all talk, there won’t be any violence. And so on. A lot of people, from the elite-iest of the DC media elite to your neighbor, were constantly and consistently wrong about everything Trump-related. David Brock, former conservative critter and now Democratic strategist, was … Continue reading Welcome To The Party, Pal