Waking Up? Or Soon To Fall Back Asleep?

Media Watchdog Jay Rosen, an NYU professor, has been one of the Eyes on the Fails regarding how our American media is largely, well, failing to properly cover our march into autocracy. His writing is a must-read. Yesterday, he actually saw a glimmer of hope in the form of a CNN appearance by Juicy Trump Book Author Jon Karl, who is also a Well-Respected White House Correspondent with ABC News. You can read it here. Rosen is a realist and not one to get snookered easily into false hope. So if he sees some good news here, that’s pretty huge. … Continue reading Waking Up? Or Soon To Fall Back Asleep?

Giving Them Permission

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is, unfortunately, going exactly as some of us expected. It features a suspiciously sympathetic judge who has the Conservative National Anthem as his ringtone. Yesterday, it also featured the greatest bad crying performance by a right-winger since Beer Guy Brett Kavanaugh demonstrated his fitness for the Supreme Court bench by fake wailing during his confirmation hearing. Based on a few of the images, like the one above, Rittenhouse appears to be less crying and more offering a Gilbert Gottfried impression. The judge has done some eyebrow-raising things that seem suspiciously sympathetic to the defendant. Rittenhouse has … Continue reading Giving Them Permission

Welcome To The Party, Pal

He won’t get the nomination, this is a joke campaign. He won’t win the nomination.  America would never elect someone like Trump. He’ll have to change, the office of the presidency will change him.  Tonight he became president.  He’s pivoting (at least a dozen times over four years). He’ll just disappear once he loses. His supporters are all talk, there won’t be any violence. And so on. A lot of people, from the elite-iest of the DC media elite to your neighbor, were constantly and consistently wrong about everything Trump-related. David Brock, former conservative critter and now Democratic strategist, was … Continue reading Welcome To The Party, Pal