A Year After January 6, What Did We Learn?

Last year at this time, I remember reading an online argument in an article comment section where some people were finger-wagging at those of us who were deeply concerned about the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally. They won’t be violent, they said, and us claiming that they could be violent was demonizing and divisive at a time when we need to be united. Spoiler alert: They were violent. It is not clear how many people died from the attack on the Capitol, but some put it at nine, including post-event suicides by police. There was significant damage as well. … Continue reading A Year After January 6, What Did We Learn?

Giving Them Permission

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is, unfortunately, going exactly as some of us expected. It features a suspiciously sympathetic judge who has the Conservative National Anthem as his ringtone. Yesterday, it also featured the greatest bad crying performance by a right-winger since Beer Guy Brett Kavanaugh demonstrated his fitness for the Supreme Court bench by fake wailing during his confirmation hearing. Based on a few of the images, like the one above, Rittenhouse appears to be less crying and more offering a Gilbert Gottfried impression. The judge has done some eyebrow-raising things that seem suspiciously sympathetic to the defendant. Rittenhouse has … Continue reading Giving Them Permission